Summer Wardrobe


I have been critically evaluating the (few) Summer tops I have left in my closet after the massive purge. I tried everything on, looked at matching bottoms and accessories, sat down, walked around, and generally stared at myself in the mirror. Here are the questions I asked myself:

1. Is this truly comfortable? Even when I sit down? When I reach forward or up over my head? Does it scratch or rub? Does it require a special bra?

2. Does it fit? Does my belly show when I reach for a glass? Does it pull or have weird wrinkles? Do the shoulders fit properly? Do the buttons gape, especially when I sit down?

3. How is the color? Does it work with my skin tone and hair color? Does it match anything else in my closet?

4. Is it easy to take care of? Do I have to iron it?

I took a photo of each remaining shirt, while on the hangar. I plan to take a photo of each one while wearing it. Have you seen Snugbug’s 100 Outfits? What a fabulous idea. Be sure to check out her pink checkmark page where she picks her favorite looks. Looking at the same person, standing in the same place, with a different outfit on in each photo, it makes it very clear which outfits are the most fabulous — the colors, the styles, the cuts that work. I believe doing this will give me a much more objective view of my own wardrobe, rather than just staring in the mirror. There’s no denying the photographic evidence!

So here are the tops in my summer wardrobe. Seriously, that’s all there is, except for the white peasant blouse I am wearing.

1. Out of print New Look pattern. I completely mashed up this pattern. I removed the button placket, shortened the length and omitted the ruffles and midriff section. Not particularly comfortable.

2. Same pattern with similar adaptations, this time with buttons. I copied this from an Eddie Bauer blouse I saw in a catalog. Made in May 2011.  I did Nancy Zieman’s method of choosing a pattern size, then altering the bust. The method didn’t work well for me. Still, I love the fabric.

3. New Look 6179. I am wearing a white version of the same top, but I hacked off a good 3″ from the bottom. I made the peacock one a few summers ago, white this summer.

Husband does not like the fabric. I do!

4. Simplicity 2255. Love the swiss dot/polka dot fabric. Made in July 2011.

5. Simplicity 2255 again. July 2011.

6. Sew Serendipity pattern. I made a different one that was way too big. This was the second try, May 2011. Such a cute blouse, but I don’t think it works for me. Boo hoo.

7. Purchased top, refashioned to remove the elastic shirring at the bottom.

8. Purchased top, refashioned to remove badly mangled tassles and weird, stiff embroidery row from the top edge, due to washing.

9. A little bit too tight in the sleeves/across the back. Probably gotta go.

10. Brand new from Kohl’s (yesterday). It matches some skirts, but not sure the style is great. I bought a very similar one in ecru.

11. Thrifted this summer. Very cute top, matches a lot, but husband does not like it.

I will endeavor the get photos of myself wearing these in the next few weeks. Of course, many will feature prominently in the Self-Stitched September challenge, so I’ll probably get photos then. Numbers 2, 3, 4, 7 and 11 are my favorites, and hence, they always seem to be in the wash.

My wardrobe plan includes several sleeveless tops, including another Simplicity 2255 (might as well, since I got the pattern to mostly fit), and a few Simplicty 2599’s. I’ve become more girly in the last few years, and I gotta say, I love all those ruffles.

It feels good to have a plan.

ETA: The day after I wrote this post, I got dressed wearing the black embroidered top, number 9. Oh yeah, it’s going. The armholes are so tight, I couldn’t make it 10 minutes.


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