Summer skirts, is there anything more fun?


Continuing on my wardrobe review, today I will document the Things I Wear to Cover my Legs. This consists of 6 skirts and a pair of ill-fitting jean capri pants.

1. Whimsical Skirt #1. Made in May 2011 from cotton prints I picked up on a quilting shop hop. The pattern is from the book Sew Serendipity. It fits perfectly. My only issue at all is that the darling pockets are covered up unless I wear a fairly short top. I may move the pockets down next time.

2. Whimsical Skirt #2. I made this a few summers ago from the Calista pattern by Lila Tueller.  I used a Moda charm pack that I can no longer name or find on the Moda Fabrics website.



3. Whimsical Skirt #3. What can I say? I like whimsical skirts. The fabric came as a patchwork; I just cut a trapezoid, put elastic in the top, and added a ruffle on the bottom. I made this a few summers ago.


4. Deconstructed Skirt. This is actually a wine color, not red as it appears in the photo. I got the idea from a photo in the knitting book Lace Style. “Forget the knitted tank top… look at that SKIRT! I can make that!” It is made from scraps of bed sheet I used to back a quilt.


5. Olive Skort. Bought at Kohl’s several years ago. It is a linen/cotton blend, and it stretches a lot, so if I wear it more than two days, the waist gets too loose and I spend the day hitching up my skirt. Not attactive.


6. Light Teal Skirt. I got this at some Hippy Store that tries to make you feel good about your desire to buy new things by posting signs about all the fair trade/organic/low transportation costs/etc. qualities about their clothes. Probably the most environmentally friendly thing to do would be to not buy new things, and I try to do my part, but come on. I’m only human. Just look at the twill tape! So cute.


Observations: I need more solid color skirts in order to match with the patterned tops I own. I need something that will match with that wine-colored skirt. I have not worn it once this summer! Whimsical is fun, but I need a grown-up woman skirt or two. I would also like to add another fun skirt in blues and/or greens.

I will take photos of me wearing these items, and blog more about the construction of those I made. Another day.


What do you think?

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