Ready for fall?


It is so interesting that other bloggers are coincidentally also writing about wardrobe updates and purges. (See, for example, Colette Patterns.)

Maybe it’s that time of year. We are itching for a change in season so we can pull out clothes that have been hidden away for a few months. I had an appointment yesterday, and the lawyer confided to me that she is Very Tired of her summer clothes.

To me, it’s especially fun for someone who creates his or her own wardrobe, or at least part of it. It’s one thing to assess your closet and say, “I need a white blouse, a red skirt, and some new boots.” It’s another joy to then go through your patterns and stashed fabrics and yarns, seeing how to make it work. (Although I have yet to figure out how to make the boots.)  I just hate the chase of going to the mall to look for a pair of jeans, for example, knowing that every pair is going to either fit in the rear or the waist, but not both.

Today I have to take my son shopping for back-to-school clothes, so I had him do the clothing review too! He tried on every pair of pants he owns, and we rummaged through the t-shirt drawer. He has grown at least 3 inches over the summer, so he needs to replace just about every pair of pants. He strongly dislikes buttons on pants, and even really only tolerates snaps. Since he is moving from kid’s size clothes up to the men’s department, I highly doubt he will find any styles that are snap- or button-free. I told him we could go pick out some fabric and I will make him some cargo pants with elastic in the waist. I plan to use Simplicity 5581. More projects!



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