Learning New Things


Starting a blog is a new, exciting adventure. I love adventures! Learning is fun, as long as it’s not too frustrating. What I didn’t realize about this journey was that in order to write what I want, show what I want, and make it look like I want, I am also going to have to learn ancillary things. Like using Gimp and Photoshop to create and modify artwork. So much learning, so fast. I feel as though I am trying to drink from a firehose.

I see some bloggers writing about Pinterest or Evernote, and I see others creating palettes and storyboards and swatch sheets.  I love the visuals! I want to try it too!

Green Apples has a great tutorial about layering photos of her fabrics with line drawings of her patterns. Super cool and helpful.

I am playing around with some things today, namely drawing a skirt pattern in Gimp. I can see I will need to spend more time in order to take advantage of the tools offered there.

Do you have favorite software or help/tutorial sites you like to use? How did you learn how to make a Beautiful Blog?




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