Michigan Fiber Fest


It’s an all-fiber weekend, here is sunny Michigan. Yesterday was the Fiber Fest, today one of my knitting group meets, and tomorrow my sewing group comes over.

Fiber Fest was great fun, with lots of vendors, loads of animals, and plenty of food booths. My son had custody of the camera where he shot a million photos of the animals. He spent about 2 hours in the barn just visiting the various pens. This gave me plenty of time to browse all the fabulous yarns. Sadly, I only got to work the camera once we got home, so no shots of the sales booths.

Vendors had yarn, sewn bags, knitting and crocheting gadgets, weaving supplies, roving, books, you name it. I walked away with 6 balls of wool for $5 each (half price!), a skein of beautiful burnt orange lace yarn, and a skein of variegated yellow fingering yarn from Studio June. Mmmm. Jill June is completely charming and friendly. Her yarns are amazing!

When I got home, my husband asked me if I bought anything (Ha!) and then said, “Oh, I see, a bag full of fall-colored yarn.”

My Loot

Here are some animals shots, courtesy of my son.


Yep, it's a camel.

If you have the chance, go to the Michigan Fiber Fest or a festival where you live.


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