Self-Stitched September Pre-game Analysis


I was thinking I had plenty to wear for Self-Stitched September. I looked through the photos of all my handmade items (posted recently); I sorted through my knitted scarves and shrugs.  I figured I could easily make it 30 days, even if I had a few repeats. But the weather has been subtly changing. It’s still 86 during the day, but the mornings are cool, and the evenings are getting chilly. Fall is approaching! I hope the weather is warm enough to wear short-sleeved blouses and summery skirts throughout the month. I don’t want to cover up all my cute blouses with store-bought sweaters.

I’m also going to Wheatland for my second time. It’s a really fun weekend-long concert. I’ll be camping in a tent, so skirts are really not going to work. Last year it was freezing for most of the trip. And pouring. The only handmade thing I wore was mittens, no kidding. I will have to choose wisely to make sure I meet the SSS challenge during the trip.

(I was worried the first time I went to Wheatland, because I don’t particularly like bluegrass music. I went anyway, because I thought, “Well, it could be ‘Dueling Banjos’ from Deliverance, or it could be Bob Dylan.” There was so much variety, I was not disappointed. To be clear, I was looking for Bob Dylan. If you like music, or booze, or sleeping in a tent, come on along! The sleeping in a tent is much more palatable after the booze.)


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