Last Day of Summer Break


It has become achingly clear that I need to find a better way to take photographs of myself. Today my assistant (son) lamented Very Loudly, “Come on! I just took your picture, like two days ago!!!” He is uber annoyed because, it being the last day of summer break, he wants to spend the day doing whatever HE wants to do, and that does not include taking photos of his mother for her stupid blog. I declined to inform him that he actually took my photo yesterday, not two days ago, seeing as how I didn’t think that information would promote my agenda.

With a little arm-twisting, he finally agreed to take some shots. So here we are.

September 4 Outfit

Top: Simplicity 2255. I made View D. I improved some modifications that I made the first time I sewed this blouse. I had originally added width across the belly, but for this version, I removed some of that width. I also lowered the bust dart and narrowed the shoulder. My only complaint at all is the way the sleeve is constructed. It folds along the hemline, so the entire sleeve is self-lined. It makes the sleeve a little more opaque than the rest of the blouse, which I find distracting. (Same holds true for the breast pocket.) Also, I think this method makes the sleeves a little too stiff, forcing them to stand away from the body. I will definitely make this blouse again.

The capri pants are about as threadbare as they come, from Gloria Vanderbilt. I’ve had them for years, and I think this may be the last summer for them. I am going to challenge myself to draft a pattern from them for next summer.

September 5 Outfit

Photo credit: annoyed teenage son

My very sweet Calista skirt. Oh, how I swooned when I first saw a model of this skirt when I ducked into a quilting shop while traveling to Alaska. My son and I were invited to speak at the state special education conference, and we enjoyed a 3-day, all expenses paid trip to Anchorage. My son was actually born there, so it was very exciting to go visit. Alaska is four hours behind our home time zone, so we were exhausted. Add to that the ungodly hour we had to fly in, and that we were coming down from our adrenaline rush from public speaking, and you can imagine how tired we were. I didn’t want to waste our time in Alaska by napping, so I drove us around on short day excursions when we weren’t expected at the conference. The day I found the quilt shop, my boy had fallen asleep in the car, and I didn’t want to keep driving around the mountains or he’d miss it all. So I pulled into Wasilla and lucked into the shopping opportunity. The pattern was about $8, if I recall, and the charm pack was about $8. I needed an additional half-yard of fabric for the yoke and hem. Add another $4. I must say, this is the best $20 I ever spent on a souvenir. I smile just remembering that trip whenever I wear the skirt!

I bought the shirt (it’s actually got a camisole that came attached to the shirt, which I promptly tore away when I got home) at Kohl’s this week when my parents were visiting. I already have a goldenrod shirt, but husband does not like it. I think I will shorten the hem on this blouse because I am short-waisted, and the shirt is way too long. I learned my mistake with my Old Navy blouse, however. I will not overdo it!


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