1 Week Down; 3 to Go


The first week of September has just flown by! So far, I haven’t run out of self-stitched things. Here is what I wore the last two days.

September 6

It is definitely cooler all of a sudden — a little too cool for the breezy blouse I had planned on wearing. Instead I wore handknit Moska over a long-sleeved (JCPenney) white t-shirt. I loved the look of Moska when I bought the Berroco booklet, but I actually bought the booklet for a different pattern (which features below).

I used Cascade Cotton Rich, which is 64% cotton and 36% nylon. I thought the nylon would help the cotton keep its shape, but this tank top/vest just keeps growing and growing in length all day. I can’t wear it alone because by the end of the day, the straps have stretched so much, the top of my bra shows.

Still, I love the color and the smocking at the top. It was a fun new technique for me when I made it last summer.

September 7

To keep a theme going, I decided to wear the Asian Tee I made, also from Berroco booklet #285. It shrunk when I blocked it, but I think it still works. It is quite low with the surplice stop, so I am wearing a tank top underneath. I am also wearing Target capri jeans.

I was distraught yesterday because the post I wrote and saved as a draft … well, it just disappeared. Serendipity, as my husband would say. I tried to not get upset over it. But I couldn’t bring myself to redo all the work, so today’s is a brief post!


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    • The SSS challenge has been very helpful in inspiring creative new outfits, as well as identifying holes in my wardrobe. I have loads of short-sleeve blouses and sleeveless dresses and skirts, but man, it’s already cold in Michigan! I hate to cover all my handmade goodness up with a store-bought cardigan.

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