Firefly Scarf


In July I planned a Yarn Crawl, using Seven friends piled into an SUV and spent the next 9 hours together, shopping, eating, laughing, and petting yarn. Completely independently, we realized three of us not only bought the same yarn, but the same color at Lizzie Ann’s Wool Company: Classic Elite Yarns Firefly (color Britannia, 7777). They had a beautiful scarf in the store knit from it, and it made my heart sing! It felt awful on the skein, but the model was so drapey, so soft, I had to give it a go.

Having bought only one skein of this yarn, I needed to find a good scarf pattern that could be ended unobtrusively when my yarn ran out. I was also excited about trying something new, since taking a shawl design class.

I ended up with a stitch pattern based on one I found in the book The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery (1979), p. 496: Lace Wings. It looks so complicated, but only has two rows of paying attention. Unless you pick up your knitting late in the night and start knitting on the purl side. Dog biscuits! I did not notice until the next morning and to pick back (happily only) four rows.

I was so happy to find I had enough yarn to make a good scarf — it ended up being 4″ x 64″.

Here’s how.
Cast on 18 stitches.
Knit two rows (or however wide you want your border to be).
Row 1(RS): K2 (for the side border) *K1, K2tog, YO, K1, YO, SKP, K1* (twice), K2
Row 2 (and all WS rows): K2, purl to last 2 stitches, K2
Row 3: K2, *K2tog, YO, K3, YO, SKP* (twice), K2
Repeat until desired length. Knit two rows (or however many you did at the beginning)
Cast off.

Later on that same Yarn Crawl, I found a prettier color of Firefly at Clever Ewe, so I bought a skein of “Hyacinth” (7754) as well. Stay tuned to see what I end up with.

Oh, almost forgot. Here’s what I wore today, September 8.

The blouse is made from New Look 6781. I don’t know why the sleeves look asymmetic; they aren’t. Probably because I’m holding and trying to hide the artwork that usually hangs on this door.

I am not in love with the top. I actually had it in my giveaway bin, but when my mom was visiting, she made me try it on and then keep it. I kept insisting that it didn’t fit well and made me look pregnant. She kept insisting it was good. When husband got home today, and I asked him to photograph me, he said, “That top is ok, but it kind of makes you look pregnant.” So I think it’s gonna go back in the bin. Unless you convince me otherwise.



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