Drinking from a Firehose



Except for sleeping and eating, this is my life lately


I’m going to pretend that what I am experiencing is in fact not hypomania, but instead merely extreme exuberance and giddy joy at all the new things I am seeing and reading and learning and loving. Isn’t blogland amazing? I keep trying to get a drink, but I am overwhelmed by the size of the glass.

What got me here is the desire to participate in Making Rebecca Lynne’s Thursday Think Tank (if only I could remember how to add a badge).

Thursday Think Tank

See, and I was one of those people who used to furrow her brow and say, with an accusatory question mark at the end, “Blog? Why on earth would I want to read someone else’s blog? I don’t care what other people are doing or thinking.” HA! It turns out, I do! Bloggers are AMAZING! You (we?) are a fabulous source for project ideas, an extensive resource for learning about all things bloggy (such as how to use software or how to add a badge to your sidebar), a wealth of knowledge about where to get fabric and yarn and patterns and notions, great motivators and encouragers and enablers… the list goes on and on.

How many times have I chased down an idea only to end up 12 websites and six new ideas from where I started? I’m sure this never happens to you.

I am particularly excited by the quilting blogs I just started reading. Probably like many of you, I am dabble in multiple arts and crafts. I sew quilts, I refashion ready-to-wear clothes, I stitch my own garments from ideas in my head or patterns, I knit, I crochet, I scrapbook, etc. etc. It may seem silly that I am just now getting back to reading quilting blogs, because the first blog I ever heard of or read was Crazy Mom Quilts. About two years ago I put it in my Favorites (remember life before Google Reader? Me either. Has it really only been two months?) and would try to go there when I remembered and see what was new.

Random photo to break up all the writing. SSS outfit: Asian Tee.

But then! This summer I fell in love with fashion sewing (again) and when I went to the trusty interweb to find out how to install a zipper, I discovered the true excitement and joy of Sewing Blogs. My world has been rocked.

I am embarrassed by my original thoughts about blogging. I am tickled to find so many imaginative and creative artists, such good writers, such unselfish and kind souls who are willing to share information and even their handmade works of art. (Swaps? Oh my goodness, I am in love.) Will you forgive me?

I find now that I am spending more time reading blogs and trying to keep up on my own than I am spending on my own artwork. I am sure this will even out over time. I enjoy learning something new, even if I am utterly overwhelmed by everything there is to see and do. I have come to accept the fact that I will never be able to read (or even visit once) all the fabulous blogs out there. I have to step away from the RSS button (now that I know what it means).

I have to be realistic about just how much time and energy I want to commit to making my blog fantastic, taking beautiful photos, joining -alongs, and everything else blogland has to offer. I have given myself permission to keep blogging even if my blog isn’t as pretty as I want it to be, make mistakes (publicly!), overshare, feel stupid because I’m writing to nobody, subscribe and unsubscribe to as many blogs as I want to, and even stop blogging if it becomes boring.

So, for today, I am going to try Rebecca Lynne’s Thursday Think Tank even if I don’t remember to blog about my latest plans without a reminder from her! I have been thinking a lot about swappable projects lately. Micro-mini quilts, maybe. I made this Kaffe Fasset-inspired wallhanging a few short years ago, and I’ve been toying with the idea of making individual squares for wall art, mug rug (uh, coaster?), pot holder, or whatever.

Size: approx. 4' by 5'

I also have plans to make a baby quilt that I can’t photograph because I can’t get to my craft room where it is waiting for me, until the insulation is blown into the attic. I promise to do a better job of Thursday Think Tank next week!


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  1. This is my favorite blog post E-V-E-R and I subscribe to about, eesh, 250 blogs? I don’t know if you saw my last post Sandy but I wrote about how I tend to air my flaws on my blog and that is just who I am…brutally honest etc. blah blah blah. So, for you to be up front about the overwhelming WAAAAAH (bright lights here) all new bloggers go through when they start blogging is just awesome in my opinion. It is an amazing world and we are fortunate I think to be members of such a Helpful, Supportive, Understanding Creative Community! I mean, I went to school for Art and the people I took classes with in real life were not this nice…trust me. I’ve been blogging for 2 months and am just now starting to feel the overwhelm of…whoa where did this idea come from? Is this My Idea or was this backlogged in my head from some photo I saw on a blog, or Flickr, or Google, or or or… If you hit that point…come visit me. I will commiserate. In the meantime Thank You from the Bottom of My Heart at joining the Think Tank. It is my place to unload the images and ideas I’ve gathered each week and I am so glad you found it helpful enough to join in!!!

    Loving the clothes still…how many more days to go? And how about some more details on this mysterious baby quilt you are thinking about making…

    • Oh my gosh, I might weep. Blush. Thank you for your very nice comments and offer to talk when I get overwhelmed! I am completely in love with my Google Reader and following what everyone is up to. So many ideas, so fun, but at the same time, so consuming. Regarding the Self-Stitched September, you can link over to So…Zo for the details. There’s also a Flickr group and a Facebook page. (Which I also can’t keep up with.) I have met the challenge so far to wear something handmade every day of the month. With 15 days to go, I am going to start having repeats, but I think that’s ok. It has been a clarifying experience for me and I endorse it whole-heartedly. Thanks for your encouragement, and keep on blogging!

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