Can You Tell…


… that I am actually leaving the house today? Here is my outfit for September 16.

Self-Stitched September -- halfway there!

I made the sweater from the Summer’s End free Ravelry pattern in Shepherd’s Wool. I loved working with the wool, but I gotta tell ya, it pills like nobody’s business. Very disappointing. I love the pattern, and I got about a million compliments when I wore it to Stitches Midwest this August. Blushing now.

I’m also wearing the white peasant top I made from New Look 6179. I shortened the waist and the total length. I used French seams and a  tiny, little hem. I made the blouse short enough to wear with a few favorite skirts that had detailing high up near the waist. I think maybe it’s too short for regular use. I must be aware to never lift my arm while wearing it. Oh, Hello Tummy! (I’m too old for that to be cute.)

The jeans are “The Sweetheart” from Old Navy, circa last fall when I realized I could not fit into my old jeans at the end of the summer. It truly was Summer’s End, and it weren’t pretty.

I also put on an adorable belt I got at Kohl’s with little daisies on it, earrings, and makeup! Although barefoot in the photo, I will also don Real Shoes today. It’s a little chilly for flipflops. Holy cow, how did Summer dry up in the last two days. Yes, yes, again, I repeat. Perfect day for the Summer’s End sweater.

See what I mean about the pilling? Oof, good thing nobody is home to photogaph my armpit. I dug out my sweater shaving doo-dad, but it is out of batteries. You know I can’t reach up over the stairwell to find replacements or my belly is gonna pop out. I meet my group, The Zombie Prom Date Knitters today for lunch, first time in a million years. They will know what to do.

Yesterday Rebecca, yes, from Making Rebecca Lynne, left me the sweetest note, and she wondered if there were more details on that baby quilt I’m pondering. So here they are.

I am insane just exactly like you: I have chopped up all my scraps into Really Useful Sizes and lovingly placed them with their same-size mates in different drawers of my craft bins. I have strips that are 1″ wide, 1.25″, 1.5, 1.75, 2, … shall I continue? They go up to about 4″ though those are rarer. I decided I needed to do something with the scraps, so last year when my friend Patti found out she was going to be a (very young) grandma, I made this little quilt for the baby. It’s a modified Chinese Coins style.

Of course, the scrap drawers are run amok again. This time I have nobody in mind, but it’s good to have things around for when friends decide to have more babies. I have about 1.68 million scraps that are 1″ wide. Guess what? I am never gonna use those things. All that work for a piece that will end up 1/2″ wide? What on earth was I thinking.

Instead, I grabbed for the considerable pile of 1.5″ strips. So much more reasonable, don’t you think? I also scanned through my various quilting magazines and tear sheets to find this cute, little thing. I don’t want to use the alternating light blocks the way they did. I think I want some kind of sashing, but in a unifying color.

Summer 2011, Quilts & More Magazine

Here is an up-close shot of the blocks, and then an overview of all the blocks. I think I have 30ish blocks. I got all distracted with the energy-audit-closet-cleaning upheaval.

I’m thinking a yellowish fabric for sashing would be good. It seems a little bit too girly for a boy, and too boyish for a girl. Perfect. I’m not one for traditional pink and blue anyway.  Any thoughts?

If I’m being perfectly honest, I will admit that my squares are not quite square. I found working with those little pieces difficult. I cut all the fabrics first, then chained all the components, then ironed them all, then chained all the next parts. They all seem a little wonky. I think I’m better off sewing long strips first, and then cutting them apart. But, good enough. I like the way they all turned out, but working with a 1.5″ square may not be worth the trouble. We’ll see.


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