When in Doubt, Trust EZ


For SSS info, skip to bottom

Last night I was lamenting to my knitterly pals about how bad my Summer’s End cardigan was pilling. One friend in particular needed this news because I knew she just paid top dollar for the same kind of yarn I used: Shepherd’s Wool. Don’t get me wrong — this yarn was probably my favorite EVER to work with. Soft, spongy, mmmmm. I thought I owed a service to this friend, just so she knew what she was getting into.

She just smiled gently at me, and began plucking at the underside of my arms like a gorilla grooms its mate. All the while she was denuding my forearms of icky, yarny pills, she told me how Elizabeth Zimmerman says, once you remove the pills from your sweater, they will never come back. She also said to Never use a motorized sweater shaving gadget (so glad mine was out of batteries yesterday: Serendipity) because it can suck your delicate sweater into the mechanism, thereby tearing a hole. Egads! Instead she said use a sweater stone. Better yet, she said Elizabeth Zimmerman says to just pluck the pills off. By the time she explained all this to me, one arm was basically pill-free.

(Well, there was also a part where I demonstrated lifting my arms over my head to get the batteries, as described in yesterday’s post, baring my tummy. It’s a good thing we are close friends.)

Second friend, a non-knitter (it’s ok, really, I still like her) said, “It’s always Elizabeth Zimmerman. Is she some kind of knitting …” and before she could finish, first friend and I finished simultaneously with “Goddess” and “Queen”.  I will report back on whether the sweater re-pills, but first I must finish purging the rest of the sweater of its fuzzballs.

For SSS, on this brisk morning, September 17, I am wearing my fabulous polka dot blouse, Simplicity 2255 (View C minus the bow detail on the sleeves). I adore the Swiss dot fabric, the colors, and the style of the top. I added width to the sides to accommodate my belly, and it fits great. (Cardigan is brand new from Kohl’s.)

Clearly, my camera needs a higher vantage in these self-timed shots.

I noticed that after washing, the ruffles always want to fold back on themselves so the underside shows. I finished them with a very, very narrow hem, so at least they are tidy, but the fabric has a clear front and back side. I don’t appreciate the bland side facing forward, especially so close to my face. Not exactly the “drawing attention up” detail I was going for. Nonetheless, I love the blouse and have made View D as well. I also plan to make a long-sleeved version now that Summer is drying up. I realized due to the SSS that I have zero handmade long-sleeved items. Ok, maybe a few heavy-duty cardigans, but those need January weather.

The whole self-stitched challenge has been a great experience, and has already pointed out wardrobe holes and given me new stitching ideas. I love it!


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