Finish What You Start


Today I asked Husband if I can be done with the Self-Stitched September now that I’ve worn everything I’ve made (at least once). His emphatic reply was, “NO! Is it still September? The challenge is for the whole month.” Wow. I didn’t even think he was really paying attention.

So today I wore my Sew Serendipity blouse again. Most of the day I styled it with my Hexagon Afghan (modeled after Lucy’s at Attic 24). Which is to say, I barely left the sofa.

But look what I did! I made a fabulous scarf from Classic Elite Firefly yarn. Details at my Zippydog Ravelry account.

Ungrateful child would not get off the couch to photograph me

I used one of the faggoting stitches described in The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery (1979). Why is it called faggoting stitch? Here is one explanation: the mesh looks like the cross-section of a pile of sticks (bundle of faggots). Whatev. It’s always amusing to me how words are co-opted or changed over time, so they no longer mean the same thing. I was reminded of the Flintstones today on the Lazy Stitcher’s post, and it made me think of the theme song ending… “We’ll have a gay, ol’ time!” Too bad nobody says that anymore.

Have I gotten off-track again? Do you know me yet?

Apparently there are several kinds of stitches that qualify as faggoting; some knitting, some embroidery and/or other needlework. In knitting, it means there is a yarnover for every stitch, and it makes a very loose, meshy lace.

For my scarf, I used the basic 5-stitch foundation of *knit 1, yarnover, knit 2 together, yarnover, knit 2 together* repeated ad nauseum on every row.

I cast on 24 stitches using a knitted cast on. I knitted 2 rows to make a narrow border on the bottom. I also knitted 2 stitches at the beginning and end of each row to make a narrow border on each edge. I repeated the basic faggoting stitch pattern 4 times between the edges. Then I repeated the row about a quarter million times, until I was almost out of yarn. I knitted 3 rows, and bound off.

How many hits do you think my blog will get today due to the tag words? I hope they are not disappointed.




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