Styled with a Quilt


Yesterday was the first time in six months that I pulled out an afghan for snuggling on the couch. While I’m not terribly fond of cold weather, I love snuggling, warm blankets, and cozy cardigans. Yesterday I “styled” my outfit for Self-Stitched September with my Hexagon Afghan. Today it’s an Eddie Bauer cardigan. I’m wearing it with my Peasant Blouse.

Here is the quilt I pulled out last night while watching Breaking Bad. (This season is really good!)

I actually made a wallhanging using the bird fabric first. It was a Christmas gift for my husband, who loves birds. I made it in 2009 from a panel I got at Jo-ann’s. I cut all the little bird squares apart and made up the rest.

I had a million left over bird squares, in addition to the backing fabric I bought but never used for the wallhanging. Guess what he got for Christmas 2010? Yep. A matching quilt for snuggling — and looking smashing while not in use. Here’s the back of the quilt.

I could only work on the project when both he and my indiscreet son weren’t in the house, which was harder than it sounds. Husband does shift work, so he was often home during the day, and then blabbermouth was home at night. As a result, I had very little time to come up with a design, piece it, and quilt the top. I chose to just outline each square, and then do some random swirlies on the outer borders. It wasn’t ideal, but I can live with it.

I don’t leave the house all that often, so I am lackadaisical about styling my outfits. Mostly they consist of jeans and tops. Period. However, on these chilly, rainy days, styling with a blankie is very hip. At least to me and my dog.


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