We are almost done with Self-Stitched September! I didn’t think I was going to stick with it when I hit the wall last week, but I managed to make it all the way through. I will save lessons learned for tomorrow, because today is also Thursday Think Tank.

For SSS, today I wore a wildcard — my Diorama. I’m not sure I like it on me, or if it needs some adjustments, or maybe different styling. You can see more about my modifications and yarn at my Ravelry project page here. My blouse is from several seasons ago, Eddie Bauer. The only reason I kept it in my closet through the purge is because Husband LOVES this one. I think it is a little masculine for my taste, but I try to do nice things for Husband.

The photo on the Ravelry link has a different styling

Now, let’s switch gears to TTT. Rebecca over at MakingRebeccaLynne has inspired me to spend some time each week thinking about my projects. Since “retiring” a few years ago, I have had the luxury of giving up my over-functioning ways. No more jam-packed weeks, impossible task lists, or dreadful meetings.

Perhaps I slid too far into the under-functioning side of life. I think I needed it for a little while. I was always an overachiever, and I was just burned out. I needed to reprioritize. Scratch that, I wanted NO priorities. (I know, unrealistic.)

Hobby-wise, this led me to just pick a project at whim and have a go. I had a lot of fun, I joined some crazy groups with members that made me laugh and gave me ideas, and I allowed myself to make things I would never actually use. Shhhh. Nobody wants to hear again about that teal shrug.

What matches this shrug?

I have realized though, that a little forethought would be good. I need wardrobe items that match and that fit my lifestyle. I need quilts that can be given as gifts that the recipient would like to receive (nevermind my ideas about purple being fine for boys). I need coasters that actually keep the water off the table while looking stylish. In short, while it’s great to just do whatever seems fun at the time, I feel a little scattered, a little too eclectic. I need more, gasp, plans.

Glass = not functional; crocheted = Old Lady's house

So why not spend time once a week reviewing plans? It’s so easy when someone forces you you join an -along group. There is that happy reminder every Thursday in my Google Reader from Rebecca, showing the Thursday Think Tank icon. I love -alongs. Another reason it’s good to have a list. Just how many crochet-alongs, quilt-alongs, and blog-alongs can a person do? The list helps me stop from jumping on board without thinking it through.

Is it a coincidence that today my son and I talked about impulse control?

Today the TTT renewed my energy to finish my baby quilt already. What sashing works? I took a million pics with different fabrics from my stash, just to narrow down the color. I need to take a few squares in to the store, I think. Green is my favorite, which was totally unexpected.

I’m thinking now, maybe the squares are a little too different. Maybe I need to separate them for two quilts; one with the fall color and one with the brights. I’ll let you know how it works out.

The pattern photo. Squares are pastel, alternate squares are creamy with a small dot pattern.

Yellow sashing

Orange and Pink



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  1. You know Sandy? I like the green too…and I think it is because from what I see here in the photo is a lot of brown (that is not a negative…brown is one of my favorite colors – in fact, a discussion about brown is what started the whole “Favorite Color Poll” on my blog…but anyway, I digress…). I also think that this shade of green allows the other colors that are bright to pop even more. About TTT – I am SO GLAD you feel that it is helpful! That is why I started it…I too began starting having a to do list without really thinking it over so this was an excellent way to brainstorm and having a record of it! Happy that I’ve crossed some things off and decided to just let go of others. I can’t wait to see how your progress goes!!!

  2. Yep I love TTT to help keep me on track. So far it’s helped me! I really like the green sashing (of course it’s my favorite color) but I think it makes all the other colors more noticeable. On the other sashing colors the blocks tend to blend in.

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