Done So Soon?


Hard to believe I was resistant to the Self-Stitched September challenge last week. Boy, does time fly. I found myself saying this morning, “Can you believe it’s over already?”

Today I wore a sleeveless, empire waist tank top I made from a Frankenpattern. The section below the waist seam is cut on the bias. I finished the armholes and neck with self-fabric bias tape.

Then I styled the whole thing with a hospital gown. I do wish I had a photo for you, but at least you can still see my fancy “bracelets”.

"Hospital Style"

Yes, I had an EGD today, or in simple terms, my stomach was scoped. I don’t have any esophageal damage (no acid reflux) or stomach ulcers. Yay! I do have gastritis, so they took a biopsy to ascertain why, and to decide what meds would be best to clear it up. I am relieved.

I told them I am very sensitive to the sedating medications they use, so they went easy on me. I woke up as soon as the procedure was done, but I was pretty dizzy and drowsy the rest of the day.

So the rest of the morning (is 1:20 p.m. still morning?) I styled my outfit with bed covers. Yawn.

I’m up now. For reals. I have my new favorite cardigan on. Just a simple gray thing from Kohl’s, but it does the job.

Gray cardigan, different blouse

The nurses told me for the rest of the day not to work in the kitchen, not to drive, and get this: Not to shop online!! Perhaps I should not blog, because I am sure this is loaded with typos.

Nahhhh. That would be boring. So without further ado, here are some things I liked/learned/loathed about the SSS Challenge.

  1. I have a lot of summer tops and skirts, and not enough things to carry me through cooler weather.
  2. My self-stitched garments are all made of cotton quilting fabrics. While I love the colors and patterns on the fabrics, quilting fabric is not always a good choice for clothing. It can work. But not always. It isn’t drapey, and it can stand away from the body.
  3. A subset of #2, really. My clothes are all “youthful” due to the fabrics I chose. I am drawn to modern geometrics, polka dots, and paisleys. However, these patterns on quilting cotton do not always project an image of elegance or sophistication when worn as clothing. This is normally not a problem because I am a stay-at-home Mom. There were a few times, though, when I needed to attend a public event, and I had nothing that shouted, “I am competent in the business world.”
  4. I do not like wearing skirts past summer. My legs get cold. The skirts and dresses I own do not work with tights or leggings.
  5. I think I have enough stuff already. I should be satisfied with 10 blouses and 2 cardigans. However, (perhaps because I didn’t want to wear the same thing over and over again for my blog photos) I caught a serious case of the Wanties. I don’t need 30 different tops! I had to keep repeating this to myself! Instead of “This again?” I had to say, “I love this blouse!”
  6. One of the reasons I think I felt bored is because I don’t have a variety of garments for my bottom half. I wore jeans or capri jeans. The end. It’s very hard to style a blouse differently without changing the bottom half too. (Also, my jeans do not fit well — I will address in another blog post.)

Not very business-y. Especially the barefoot part.

So what will I do to change my wardrobe? Minimally I would like to add the following:

  1. Two pairs of pants that can help me style differently for everyday looks.
  2. Two skirts that are tights-friendly to stretch my summer wardrobe into Fall.
  3. Two pairs of dressy pants that I can wear to my “Board of Director” meetings.
  4. Three new long-sleeved blouses that work for Fall (McCall’s 5433, New Look 6179, and Butterick 5612).
  5. One Fall dress that works with tights.
  6. One pair of comfortable and stylish black shoes that work with dressier outfits.
  7. One pair of jeans that fits my body (McCall’s 5142?).

I am very grateful to So…Zo for challenging me in this way! I am eager to take a more planned approach in the sewing room (and add some new fabrics and patterns to my stash). And I promise to wait until tomorrow to start the online shopping. Nurses’ orders.


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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading about your sewing adventures through September and I’m so impressed by your stick-to-it-ness! I was wondering about fabrics and I must say, I’ve limited sewing experience with fabrics OTHER than cotton, but I know what you mean about garments made from them.

    I pulled out a quilt I began at some other home in some other state and decided I would try to finish it. I’ll post about it soon. I wish I was better at machine quilting but not sure how much time I’m willing to devote to practice!

    • Thanks, Jen! I know what you mean about practicing machine quilting. I still stick to big, loopy swirls, but my current efforts are, ahem, less than beautiful. And I can only do so much before my shoulders are killing me. I am asking for a walking foot for Christmas, so I hope that helps. Let me know how your quilt works out.

  2. ah..dresses…I am an expert. If you want something to wear with tights it’s got to be lined or silk. Silk, amazing stuff. Silk dress, tights, shrug – perfect for autumn then when the chill sets in get out a massive cardigan and put the boots on too. I’ve never sewn with it as i’m a newbie however.

    • Thanks for the advice! I never really thought about how to wear tights with a dress, so I appreciate your thoughts. Does the dress creep up your legs without a lining or if it’s not silk? Silk is divine stuff, isn’t it? I guess I need to go find some great boots now too.

  3. Great round up and you’ve made so many constructive decisions from it as well which is really positive. Glad to hear you’re not suffering from an ulcer too! Yay us for doing it!

  4. Ha! Not to shop on line. I joke with my husband that we need to put a time limit on his credit card because of “drunk dialing” Amazon. A few beverages after I go to bed has occasionally turned into mystery packages arriving.
    Good on you for doing the SSS. I know I’m not up to it yet and it would be repetitive because I wear my favourite things over and over (sometimes in the same week) with different clients so it looks like my wardrobe is more extensive than it is.

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