The only project I have going, aside from my baby quilt*, is this knitting project (Jidai from Berroco booklet #308).

I love the colorway here and really wanted to knit it this way, even though I usually change the colors (and often the yarn) from what is shown. Sadly, Threadbender did not have the pink. They did have 17,913 other lovely colors. I ended up with a gorgeous plummy purple, and a heathered green. My Dad saw what I was making last weekend during my visit and said how much he liked the colors I picked. My Dad! He said mine were better than the pattern colors. Wow. I don’t know that he has ever commented on any article of clothing of mine before. It was cute.

*This is where I break to say, I don’t actually have the baby quilt “going”. It is resting while I decide what to do. My commenters said they also liked a green background, so I need to take a trip to buy some pretty green(s).

I’ve been traveling a lot, I’ve had a million doctor’s appointments, and my son has needed TWO semi-urgent trips to the orthodontist in the last week. I thought I might just catch up a little here, but I am being called. Again. Mom, mom, mom, mom. I’m sure you have no idea what I mean, right?

Some day soon I’ll sew or knit a real project, and then I’ll have a decent post.  Until then, this little bandaid is going to have to do.


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  1. Hi Sandy! I really love the sound of the purple and green colour combination that you have picked out for your knitting project – your Dad clearly has good taste (as do you, of course!) I’m looking forward to seeing how your quilt progresses.

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