The Waiting is the Hardest Part


I am feeling sorry for myself because my sewing room is still a shambles. I am starting to twitch and go into withdrawal. I waited and waited, ever so patiently, for the energy audit man to finish his audit. Then I thought I could put the room back together. But no, then he said he needed access to attic areas so he can add more insulation. I have been waiting ages and ages for the day to come when he installs the insulation, and the day is finally almost here (Monday!). Then yesterday he came to measure a window in the closet/yarn storage area, and he said the window is on backorder, so he will not be able to install until sometime indefinitely into the future. SOB.

I can’t put all the yarn back in that closet until he is done, because he will just get it all full of dust and bits of insulation, and it will be exposed to the outside elements temporarily. So the yarn is all over the rest of my room, where I actually get my work (play) done. So I cannot get anything done! Man, I can barely step into the room.

I think am going to just bite the bullet, based on his time estimation, and move the yarn into a different room (bedroom?) until I can put it where belongs. I am getting edgy from lack of sewing. I should know a lot more on Monday. Cross your fingers that this is all over soon. It has been more than 30 days already.

Yarn closet. Window is immediately to the right of this photo, on the perpendicular wall.


Huge mess/craft room. *Neatened for photo purposes. Ugh.


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