PIF Reminder


Come on now, don’t be shy. Don’t be intimidated or embarrassed. Don’t be thinking that you aren’t good enough. Just join in the Pay It Forward game. It’s for fun! It’s not a competition. And you get stuff! Lovingly-handmade-just-for-you stuff. From me!

I am still looking for two adventurous souls.

Here are the “rules” as I found them at Making Rebecca Lynne:

Pay It Forward Blog Game

  1. I  will make a little something for the first 3 people who comment on this post. It will be a surprise and you will not know when it will arrive.

  2. I will have 365 days to get this surprise to you. The catch? To get a goodie from me you must play along too! Share the giving love on your blog by promising to send a handmade goody to the first three people comment on your blog post.

  3. You must therefore have a blog!

  4. After commenting on my post, you have to go post this on your blog.

Easy, right? Don’t fret about it. Just make a small project with love and send it on. The recipient will love it.

I already have one player. Who else is in? Leave me a comment!


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  1. I hope I’m not repeating myself, I think the computer went back a page and took me away from my comment.

    I suck most terribly at mailing things out, but I will join your Pay it Forward if you don’t mind mailing to Canada.

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