Here are a few photos of my crafting room. The contractors decided they needed to get to the kneewalls from the inside of the house instead of through the vents from the outside.

This meant removing every item from my working desk and disassembling the desk to move it away from the scuttlehole.



It also meant moving everything out of the closet, including the storage system. The window will also be replaced in a few weeks, so the closet must remain bare until then.

And everything, everything had to be cocooned in plastic to keep dust from settling on it.

I am a little distraught when I look at it, so I just hustle past the room and avert my gaze.



Instead of crying, I am dreaming about the day the butterfly emerges. I fantasize about how I can organize the space when they are done. I can sort through every single item and decide if I still want it. I can place each item on the shelf or in the drawer or in the bin where it makes the most sense, instead of letting it all pile up randomly. It’s going to be an amazing, creativity-sparking studio!

And, it’s going to be draft-free and cozy when they are done. It’s going to be so worth it. (Right?)


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  1. You know, I can never resist a post with scuttlehole and kneewall in it! Sorry your domain is out of sorts, that’s a nerve chewed…take deep breaths!It will pass….

    • Thanks for the good wishes. I have been practicing my mental Kung Fu. My mantra has always been, “Breathe in, breathe out, say, ‘Everything will be ok.’ Repeat. If all else fails, try whiskey.”

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