How is it Already Thursday?


Two weeks ago I was voted in as a member of a nonprofit agency’s Board of Directors. I have been very busy learning about the agency, participating in a search committee for a new director, and attending many meetings.

And my house has been torn up for the energy-saving updates. If you live in Michigan, I highly recommend Better World Builders.  They are smart, polite, clean, prompt, and fun. And they were good to my dog. They are not quite finished, and we have already seen a 40% reduction in air infiltration. We are also getting a huge rebate from Consumers Energy for making these updates. I can’t wait to see the heating bill!

And I’ve been to several medical appointments. My son, it turns out, needed glasses, and we ordered him two pairs. ($79 for two pairs at JC Penney!) And he needs a Milwaukee back brace. I got the Rx for it on Thursday, and we have been getting a second opinion and researching back braces.  This is a Milwaukee brace:

Why am I telling you all this? So you have mercy on me when I confess how poorly I did on last week’s Thursday Think Tank resolutions. Remember these?

  1. Review sewing/wardrobe plan to include business-appropriate clothes.
  2. Buy some business-appropriate pants material and a pattern.
  3. Pick out a new knitting project.
  4. Compile a list with Husband of all the home-related chores, errands, and projects that need accomplished.
  5. Make an appointment to get my eyes checked.

I did sorta/kinda review my wardrobe plan. It was hard to do a great job because my original list and all my patterns and fabric were under plastic sheeting for the week. I did not buy material or a pattern for dress pants, but I did try on a variety of pants at the store to see if a certain style grabbed me. No luck there. I did pick out my next knitting project, but have made zero effort in starting it. I haven’t even decided if it will be made with olive or rust yarn. I did compile a list of the chores with Husband, and we did complete some of these. I did not make an appointment for my eyes. Husband asked if we can postpone that until January, because we are all out of money for that.

So, with renewed vigor, I am going to hit #2 especially! I am going on a two-day training jaunt to Chicago for the nonprofit agency, and I have zero pairs of dress pants in my closet. I don’t think jean Capri pants are going to cut it.

I’m also going to start putting my house back together because the contractors are done on the inside of the house.  Hooray!

"Before" photo

I cannot wait to start organizing that studio. I’ll even have actual projects to post. That’s why you come here, right?


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    • Thank you! Yesterday I did manage to find a pair of pants on sale at JC Penney that fit me (after many, many try-ons). I think I may just copy them for a pattern.

  1. Go Go Go Go Go Go!!! That is me cheering you on Sandy. I was a cheerleading captain…so forgive the pep. I need some amazing vigor this week too so I hope we can help each other get our ____ accomplished? I’ll check back on Thursday to see how it went!!!

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