Slouchy Sweater


I am pleased to present my Jidai. I am over the moon! I had to convince my son to take a photo immediately so I could post today. I couldn’t even wait to weave in ends, block my work, or properly style the sweater. I just tucked the loose bits under, and threw it on over today’s outfit.  I don’t think the photo captures anything, but what is a post without a photo? Next sunny day, I’ll take better photos.

It has been a long time since I knitted a sweater or vest that actually fit. I lost my mojo and had resorted to knitting only shawls and scarves for a while now. I am tickled pink that this sweater came out exactly as I envisioned. A nice, loose, slouchy sweater — a step up from a sweatshirt.

I made the sweater pretty much exactly as written, except I didn’t do any waist shaping. I also added an inch in sleeve length. I used Berroco Vintage DK yarn in Fennel and Delphinium. I love the yarn. It’s soft, it doesn’t split, and the colors are gorgeous.

There is an errata sheet for the Berroco #308 pattern booklet but the only correction they list is that to decrease on the wrong side, you should purl two together. Not much of an errata. However, I did see something weird in the pattern that was not explained. In the section on finishing the neckline, it tells you to bind off 34 stitches, “decreasing 4 stitches across” — but that makes no sense. I did all the math, adding up all the row counts and decreases, and you just do the normal decreases for that row, not four additional ones. I just ignored that direction, and it all came out fine.

I do think the instructions should also have clarified that during the pick-up row for the neck ribbing, 154 stitches is all the bound off stitches + 10 stitches on the diagonal sections either side of the front neckline. Why make me guess how to pick up? I wonder if I could have just left the stitches live and picked up the front sections instead of binding off the back and sleeves just to pick them back up. Also, I would have probably left the stitches under the arm on stitch holders and done a 3-needle bind-off, rather than bind off stitches then sew the seams together.

All in all, those are pretty minor quibbles. I can’t wait to do the (very minimal) finishing and block this baby so I can take proper photos!


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