This is Halloween


That’s my boy!

I love the way he tried to look like he was really in an accident. Check out that expression!

I told him he could NOT tell people at school he had a gunshot wound to the head. You can’t talk about guns at school, just like you don’t talk about hijacking or bombs at the airport. Even if you are kidding, I said. So he said he had been in a car accident.

This costume met his requirements of 1) There must be gore and fake blood and 2) he must have props. He preferred a costume that had two machetes, but I declined. The fake cast met the bill. The nice man at the back brace store made it for him after he measured him for the back brace. Isn’t that nice?

We’re off to start our ghoulish festivities.

Here’s me. Can you guess who I’m supposed to be?

What if I was holding a snowboard?

Have fun out there!


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  1. I love the look on your son’s face and laughed out loud (I refuse to abbreviate that) when I read he wanted to tell people that it was a gunshot wound! And, dude! You look like you could go on a run down the half-pipe.

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