Not Quite Sick


My blogging has dropped off considerably since September when I did the self-stitched challenge. I had lots of good intentions, and then a few things happened.

First, my craft room was torn up for a month. Second, my son’s needs have been more intensive. Third, I have been not quite sick.

The craft room is coming along, but I have to admit, not quickly. I sorted out all the bits of yarn and fabric and patterns I no longer have use for. I donated two enormous bags of yarn to a prayer shawl ministry. I donated two additional large bags of leftover yarn bits to my pals in the Kalamazoo Knit & Crochet Meetup. I gave a small bag of sock yarn to my friend the Sock Knitting Queen, you know who you are.

I had every good intention of giving away my fabric and pattern destash goodies last night. I had a sewing bee here. I piled all the goodies into separate bags. I told the ladies I had stuff to give away. And then I forgot to get rid of it. Arg. I will have another opportunity next week to give it away. I just hate having it clutter up my life, now that I have decided to give it away. (The sewing bee was quite fruitful for me, as I finished one Christmas gift, but of course I cannot show you!)

I am so happy to know that all my cast-offs have found new homes. And I am further overjoyed to have new-found space in my stash closet. I can spread things out, get rid of extra bins, and so on. Very happy! I have a bit more work to do in the craft room, but it’s almost done! Photos coming soon.

The news on my son is similar in that it is also a work in progress. A few weeks ago he got glasses, then had his back brace fitted, then his braces broke again (twice). There was Halloween. His back brace is ready, but they can’t fit him until next Thursday. And he’s had a rough week at school. Sigh. It kind of takes it out of me, honestly, and then I have no energy for sewing, crafting, writing, etc.

Even though that stuff wears me out, I think I am also actually Almost Sick. My eyes were burning all last week, and I spent a lot of days napping, which is quite unlike me. I used to hate to nap because then I’d be up all night. Also, I felt like napping was a waste of time. I have come to enjoy a nap from time to time. But not every day. So last week made me think, maybe I am fighting a cold or something. I feel more awake and generally better, but I have started with some serious sneezing fits in the last two days. I am going to do a voodoo dance and gargle with salt water. I don’t want to become Completely Sick.

Finally, with all that laborious explaining out of the way, let me address Thursday Think Tank, the day on which I think about upcoming projects.

A friend gave me her no-longer-needed Boden catalog a few weeks ago, and I have been circling items and rummaging through my patterns and fabrics to come up with a few ideas. If you don’t know her yet, go see Snugbug’s post for today, as she has done a similar thing with the Anthropologie catalog.

I admit, in thinking about my next projects, I am conflicted. Not just about what to make, but why to make. I have been ruminating a lot about the desire to have more, make more, fit in fashion-wise, cover up my “figure flaws”, wear makeup, wear Spanx etc.  vs. the desire to be happy with what I have, enjoy what I like and not worry about what all the magazines tells me is popular or if the item camouflages my stomach, look my age (as I have certainly earned it), respect women of all ages and body types, wear shoes that don’t hurt my feet, and so on.  It’s complificated.

I weigh all that out by saying, we all do something to fill up our day, so it might as well be something fun. If it makes me happy, I stuff all those conflicted thoughts down into a box and just do it. Life is hard enough.


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  1. Good luck with that voodoo dance! Be sure to record that, I would love to see it! LOL.

    My suggestion for your “internal conflict” is to put on some Weird Al and not worry about any of it. Nobody can feel bad listening to polka music:)

  2. I am hoping to write a post soon but have your doctor check your vitamin D levels. I had been taking a big dose but my doctor said it was still low. She doubled it and oh what a difference it has made. At first I was not sure if my elevated feeling was from having been offered a job or the D. I feel obnoxiously good. It won’t take care of the cold, but it may just give you a boost. Call your doctor.

  3. Hi Sandy,
    Oh, I so know what you mean about the conflict and the Spanx. I just gotta be me. I’m in my forties and it seems so fakey to try and look and dress like I’m 32. This is not laziness. This is just a desire to be myself and express myself the way that makes me happy. I’ve probably said it before, but your son is so blessed to have you as his mom. Take care of yourself first, so you can be there to assist him when he needs it. And lastly, I swear by Super Complex B vitamins. If I forget to take one, I feel it.

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