Some Reveals


My last two posts were kind of gloomy. And had lots of words. Today is a happy post of few words and lots of pictures.

I realized something else about why I hadn’t been blogging. I have been knitting a lot, but dang, those reveals come a lot slower than when I sew! I am working on the Dahlia cardigan. Oooooo, so beautiful and so fun to make. But no pics.

So here’s some photos of my Jidai — to fulfill a giddy promise made weeks ago.

Where is the sun?

Mmmm, green & purple

Shows the actual colors

It makes me feel happy all over again, just looking at those photos. I think I’ll wear that baby tomorrow.

Ok, next up: Studio pics. I finally got the studio in shape. Ok, you got me, I could not say that with a straight face. But I did get one desk straight. Let’s ignore the other two desk spaces, shall we. Just let me distract you with these.

The work desk

This wall has a six-foot long expanse of kitchen counter resting atop kitchen cabinets which have been sawed off to make them a good desk height. Under the gray cloth cover, you see my serger. My trusty Elna sewing machine is in the foreground under its protective shell. In the middle of the desk is a container for pens, accessories, and a magic wand. There are some little boxes with photographs waiting for scrapbooking mojo. Finally, on the right are my fat quarters, neatly stacked with help from my Dear Mother, queen of organization. Look here:

You know these baskets are in ROYBIV order

Now shall we take a gander at the cabinetry? Yes, let’s.

Rubberstamps, inks, random (flat) art supplies

My Daddy made this cabinet for me years ago, back when I was selling Stampin’ Up! Really, the company name ends with an exclamation point. I wasn’t that excited about the company. I ended up buying a lot of stuff to make my monthly quotas, and eventually I got a day job and quit selling. It was fun, and I made enough money to buy stamps, but that’s about all I made. But I digress. Look at that cabinet! My Dad really loves me.

Main work space

This is the first time I have set up my sewing machines on this work space. I used to keep them on a desk along the opposing wall, but I have reorganized the room to use that space as solely a cutting and pattern altering/drafting desk (reveal photos soon). As such, I moved all the sewing-related supplies (seam ripper, small scissors, thread, etc.) to the drawer under the main work space. I will also use this space for scrapbooking, making jewelry, and other activities. I am so happy to have some order here again!

Does order make you this happy? I just hate the clutter and confusion. This feels exciting and clean… like anything can happen here!


What do you think?

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