Weird Knitting


I always find it funny that many knitters love to knit but hate to purl. Hold the yarn like this, and wrap the yarn like this, and make loops from the front (purl) = Ish! Ew! What a stupid hobby. Hold the yarn like this, and wrap the yarn like this, and make loops from the back (knit) = blissful joy. Except if you have to do it for too long. Then it’s boring.

I frequently find “interesting” patterns to avoid all the icky parts of knitting (purling, seaming, too much of the same). This week I took an Entrelac class. Looky what I did!

It only took 3.5 hours! (eek.)

I will probably finish this project. It’s interesting enough to make me want to keep going, but not annoyingly slow. (Don’t get me started on that Doubleknit class. If you’re gonna doubleknit, why not just knit two separate hats and then seam them on the top? Gads. I could knit four hats in the time it takes to make one doubleknit hat.) Sorry about the tirade. Entrelac is interesting and fun (to me) and I can see making several scarves/wraps/hats before I get tired of it. I have to admit, Entrelac sweaters don’t do it for me. Which of us needs help looking puffier around the middle? Any hands?

The teacher had us use a free pattern on Ravelry, by Allison LoCicero. It’s called, surprisingly, “Entrelac Scarf.” You can read more about Allison here. I used Lion Brand Amazing yarn, in “Strawberry Fields.”

I have also been working on the Dahlia cardigan, in the Fall 2011 Interweave Knits. I am using “Curry” colored yarn from Sunday Knits. Mmmmm.

So lovely! And so weird to knit. I adore it. Even the purling part. Even the long, repetitive rows. Even on size 3 needles. The construction is so fascinating, I just can’t wait to see how it works up.

The neckline is at the top, the colored waste yarn is for the sleeves, and the giant openings get sewn shut.

I am almost ready to open up the sleeves and start knitting a few rows, just to make sure the fit is right, before I invest any more time working forward. I am sure this makes no sense to anyone who hasn’t made this project. I’m a little nervous to open up the sleeves though, because with the two fronts still dangling on live needles, I will have a lot of opportunity for dropping stitches as I twist the thing around and around for round knitting.

Usually I can’t wait for a project to be done because I am tired of the purling, or the endless knitting. I can’t wait until this sweater is done, so I can wear it!


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