Bad Dog


We got a new door. It is stunning! Conrad Kaufman from Fence Rows Studio designed and made it. If you think it’s the most beautiful door you have ever seen, you should drive by at night when the window is backlit from inside. Swoon!

We had a round-top door that was original to the house, built in 1929. We knew the door needed replacing when we moved in, 14 years ago, but never quite got to it. The house needed a lot of love, and $4,000 for a door seemed impossible. Sadly, a few years later when we could afford it, the door companies all stopped selling rounded doors! Last year we got a bid to sand down the original door, replace the glass, repair the wood, and restain the whole baby. Eek. Conrad said he could build us a brand new door for that price. So we said, “Please do it!”

I could not be more pleased. Husband is a birdwatcher. He and Conrad actually bird together every year for his birthday. It was Conrad’s idea to carve the tree trunk and outreached branch, and to add the birds. I love the sunrise stained glass behind the birds. Completely beautiful.

Because the door is so fabulous, the last thing we wanted to do was cover it up with a tacky screen door. Hence, the “One Door Open at a Time” rule. We have a tiny little foyer, only big enough for one person at a time, which has an interior door separating it from the living room. When you go to open the front door, you MUST close this interior door to the foyer first, before opening the front door.

Yesterday that did not happen. It was my fault. The bus came and the doorbell rang at the same time, so I was confused and rushed. I ran to open the door without fully closing the interior door, and the Bad Dog ran out. Oh, did he run. For a nine-year-old dog that the veterinarian recently called “senior,” he sure had fun. He ran and frolicked and had the time of his life. For 45 minutes. I was sure he was going to get hit by a car and die.

I finally tricked him into running into the backyard to get a squirrel, and then closed the gate behind him. I’m pretty sure he was tired and ready to come home anyway. He kept trying to love up to me afterward, but I was too annoyed at him.

The definition of "hang-dog"

But who could stay mad at this? So we made up. He will probably sleep for the next 23 hours.


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