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I’m Blushing. And Tardy.


Several weeks ago, the lovely Seraphinalina honored me by giving me the Versatile Blogger award! How sweet is that? Unfortunately I was sick for a long time, so I am just now getting around to responding.

The rules are as follows: 1.  Compose a short dedication to the person who gave you the award. 2. Write a list for your readers, detailing things about yourself that your readers don’t know. 3. Pass the love forward to five bloggers that you feel deserve to receive it too.

Okey doke. I think I can follow those rules, though I don’t tend to be a good rule follower. Oh, look, we already started with Rule #2! (I guess we are gonna do this thing ass over tea kettle, starting in random order, to prove my point.)

1. I am not a good rule follower. I jay walk. I routinely say, “That’s stupid!” when reading through pattern instructions (I’m not recommending this course of action). When I first moved to the same city as my now-husband, he showed me all the important sights, which naturally included the library. Before I could get a library card, I was handed a list of rules, including, you know, not stealing books or fornicating in the restroom. I had to read the list, and then sign that I “agreed to abide by all rules.” This was my undoing. Every time I am required to follow rules I don’t care to follow (Hello! I am going to put money on the Free Parking spot in the Monopoly game), dear husband whips out a “remember, you promised to abide by ALL rules.”

Not to tarnish the reputation of the good library, but I think they could have been a little more specific in their contract. Let the buyer beware! Still, if ever you get the chance to visit Anchorage, and if you love libraries, do yourself a favor and visit the Z.J. Loussac Library. With a name like that, it would be wrong not to. This leads us to…

2. I lived in Alaska for a short time. I moved there from Madison, Wisconsin, on December 15 one year. My friends all thought I was nuts to move there at all, but to go in the dead of winter? Insane. I had the last laugh: I called them a few days after my arrival to report (rub in) the fact that it was 50 degrees warmer in Anchorage than in Wisconsin. That is, 30+ degrees in Alaska vs. -20 in Madison.  (I spelled it out on the phone in case they misheard me: that’s Five-Zero degrees, not 15. I can be charming that way.)

3. I am sometimes a wee bit sarcastic.

4. I have never seen the following movies: Pretty Woman, Life of Brian, or American Pie (or a multitude of other movies apparently everyone else on earth has seen). I just checked Spinal Tap off the list last month.

5. I have a truly terrible memory. I have forgotten the names of my aunt and a good friend when trying to introduce them to others. There is no way on earth I can remember which direction a knitting “slip, slip, knit” leans. It’s very embarrassing when my knitting friends say, “Sandy will know how to do it; she’s almost done with her Master Knitter program, after all.” Good Lord, I can’t remember which one is my boy and which one is my dog, how the hell am I going to remember what SKP stands for? I am smart, but for the love of all things good in this world, do not confuse this with memory and choose me to be on your Trivial Pursuit team.

Ok, that is enough about me. Let’s skip to Rule #1. Dedication? Wow, that sounds so fancy! Seraphinalina is a delightful young woman who blogs about sewing, music, and the difficulties of conceiving. Sometimes sad, sometimes silly, always interesting. Go have a read.

And here we are at Rule #3, right at the end where it ought to be, no? I am going to choose blogs of people I am not friends with In Real Life. Passing the love to:

1. Stitch and Witter. Joanne is funny and clever, and she sews!

2. Did You Make That? Karen’s posts always make me smile. She is a great writer, funny, and a little bit wacky, which is high on my list of favorite attributes.

3. Making Rebecca Lynne. Oh, boy, has she got energy. She is mainly a quilter, and she always has projects in the hopper. She also runs Thursday Think Tank.

4. Sewn. This is a newer blog for me, but I love Elizabeth’s sewing adventures.

5. Handmade Jane. Lots of sewing going on over here. And a kindred spirit in the Mom department.

I’m not sure how these people will know I’ve tagged them if they don’t read this post, so someone give me some advice there, please.





Finally, Some Answers


No wonder it hurts to cut out fabric and to knit!

I got my MRI results today, and the doctor was clearly as surprised as I was. I have two tears in the tendons in my shoulder, the tendon is pulling away from the bone itself (ew), and I have degenerative arthritis and a cyst on the top of the arm bone (humerus) where it sits in the joint socket. There is also a lot of mumbo jumbo on the report about swelling, edema, and tendonosis. I am to go to physical therapy and occupational therapy in order to learn how to alter my lifestyle to protect my shoulder joint. Apparently this problem is not going away any time soon. Fingers crossed, the PT works, or I’ll be scheduled for surgery. Three to six months healing time if I do have surgery means lots of resting — in other words, no sewing or knitting. We can’t have that, can we?

Image Detail


The tears are in the supraspinatus, there is swelling where the supra & infra meet at the top of the bone, and there is swelling in the scapula. Seriously, I can’t pick up my purse without pain. Now I know why.

I would knit the anatomy to show you where it hurts instead of reposting that drawing. But I want to show you a diagram this year. And, it would probably be bad for my shoulder.

Have you seen the knitted skeleton by Ben Cuevas? Check it out:

Image Detail

p.s. I think I just killed the spellchecker with “supraspinatus”.

Caving to Knitting Pressure


I was pretty adamant after knitting multiple gifts for Christmas last year that I would not knit gifts this year.

To be fair, I made several small, fiddly projects that were not terribly fun to make. Also, the amount of effort that went into these projects was not at all apparent, so I felt like I was giving small, cheap gifts despite spending hours and hours on them.

I made a sweater tree ornament, a doll, a doll blanket, an afghan (not really small or fiddly), Sheldon the Turtle and a matching outfit, a scarf for my mom, and a scarf for a friend’s mom. (See photos at bottom of this post.)

Yep, I was feeling pretty smug that I wasn’t participating in any of the Christmas Crafting Craziness. Then Ravelry happened. I was scrolling through my queue and there I saw it. The Thorpe. My husband had somehow seen it last year looking over my shoulder while I was Rav-Surfing. I recall clearly now he said, “I would wear a hat like that.” And as simple as that, I added it to my queue (I noted this was Dec. 28, 2010.) So I decided I should make it. I figured I could knock this baby out in a day. I was right.

I tricked him by pretending I was making a hat for myself. I had him measure my head. Then I said, “That’s weird. The pattern is for a 23-inch head and mine is much smaller (even with all my hair).” Here’s where I got clever: I said, “Can 23 inches even be right? Let me check your head.” Ha! Smart, right?

I confess, it’s a pretty small project, on bulky yarn, with big needles. I have been trying to knit down my stash in the last six months, so I immediately thought of some pretty tweed yarn I already owned. And of course, I can’t post photos yet. It’s already wrapped. I promise to add them after the holidays, if the dang thing fits him.

But that’s it. No more Christmas knitting. I just have to keep off Ravelry for 13 days. Right.

Ok, ready for last year’s photos? Here we go!

Sheldon with green shell. I also made a purple one.

Hunny, I spent all our Christmas Savings on Medical Procedures


When I started this blog in August, I certainly did not expect the shitstorm that has rained down on my family ever since. Isn’t that always the way? I feel sad that I have had little energy to write, let alone make projects. Some day I will get better.

This week, I had an MRI and X-rays of my shoulder, which has been hurting since April. I went to my doctor in June and then to physical therapy, but it didn’t help. She recommended an MRI way back in August, but I asked instead to be referred to a joint specialist. Little did I know it would take until Thanksgiving to get in. And of course, the first thing he did was send me for the MRI.

Also this week, I finally decided I need to go back to the doctor because my “cold” is not getting better, even after two rounds of antibiotics. They are sending me to see an Ear, Nose, Throat specialist and want a CT scan of my sinuses.

Put this together with the back brace we bought for my son earlier in the month, and we are having the Most Expensive December on Earth. Thank goodness for health insurance.

Here is a picture of my dog because it makes me happy and reminds me to be grateful for the little things.

I think I might also have to invest in shitstorm gutters and hip boots.

The Road to Recovery


Geesh, have I ever been sick. I haven’t been up to much, really, except napping, drinking hot tea, blowing my nose, and complaining. I haven’t had any makes at all, and have no photos of anything. It makes for very boring blog posts, which I wouldn’t have had the energy to write even if I *had* made any projects.

What a boring story.

The good news is, I think, knock wood and cross your fingers and all that, I *think* I may finally be getting better. I’m on Day 17 of antibiotics, after all. I have been working away on my Dahlia when I have strength to use my arms. Perhaps very soon I shall have a proper post! Please do a rain dance, pray, send warm wishes, align my crystals, or whatever else you can muster for me. I do so appreciate it.