The Road to Recovery


Geesh, have I ever been sick. I haven’t been up to much, really, except napping, drinking hot tea, blowing my nose, and complaining. I haven’t had any makes at all, and have no photos of anything. It makes for very boring blog posts, which I wouldn’t have had the energy to write even if I *had* made any projects.

What a boring story.

The good news is, I think, knock wood and cross your fingers and all that, I *think* I may finally be getting better. I’m on Day 17 of antibiotics, after all. I have been working away on my Dahlia when I have strength to use my arms. Perhaps very soon I shall have a proper post! Please do a rain dance, pray, send warm wishes, align my crystals, or whatever else you can muster for me. I do so appreciate it.



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