Caving to Knitting Pressure


I was pretty adamant after knitting multiple gifts for Christmas last year that I would not knit gifts this year.

To be fair, I made several small, fiddly projects that were not terribly fun to make. Also, the amount of effort that went into these projects was not at all apparent, so I felt like I was giving small, cheap gifts despite spending hours and hours on them.

I made a sweater tree ornament, a doll, a doll blanket, an afghan (not really small or fiddly), Sheldon the Turtle and a matching outfit, a scarf for my mom, and a scarf for a friend’s mom. (See photos at bottom of this post.)

Yep, I was feeling pretty smug that I wasn’t participating in any of the Christmas Crafting Craziness. Then Ravelry happened. I was scrolling through my queue and there I saw it. The Thorpe. My husband had somehow seen it last year looking over my shoulder while I was Rav-Surfing. I recall clearly now he said, “I would wear a hat like that.” And as simple as that, I added it to my queue (I noted this was Dec. 28, 2010.) So I decided I should make it. I figured I could knock this baby out in a day. I was right.

I tricked him by pretending I was making a hat for myself. I had him measure my head. Then I said, “That’s weird. The pattern is for a 23-inch head and mine is much smaller (even with all my hair).” Here’s where I got clever: I said, “Can 23 inches even be right? Let me check your head.” Ha! Smart, right?

I confess, it’s a pretty small project, on bulky yarn, with big needles. I have been trying to knit down my stash in the last six months, so I immediately thought of some pretty tweed yarn I already owned. And of course, I can’t post photos yet. It’s already wrapped. I promise to add them after the holidays, if the dang thing fits him.

But that’s it. No more Christmas knitting. I just have to keep off Ravelry for 13 days. Right.

Ok, ready for last year’s photos? Here we go!

Sheldon with green shell. I also made a purple one.


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