Finally, Some Answers


No wonder it hurts to cut out fabric and to knit!

I got my MRI results today, and the doctor was clearly as surprised as I was. I have two tears in the tendons in my shoulder, the tendon is pulling away from the bone itself (ew), and I have degenerative arthritis and a cyst on the top of the arm bone (humerus) where it sits in the joint socket. There is also a lot of mumbo jumbo on the report about swelling, edema, and tendonosis. I am to go to physical therapy and occupational therapy in order to learn how to alter my lifestyle to protect my shoulder joint. Apparently this problem is not going away any time soon. Fingers crossed, the PT works, or I’ll be scheduled for surgery. Three to six months healing time if I do have surgery means lots of resting — in other words, no sewing or knitting. We can’t have that, can we?

Image Detail


The tears are in the supraspinatus, there is swelling where the supra & infra meet at the top of the bone, and there is swelling in the scapula. Seriously, I can’t pick up my purse without pain. Now I know why.

I would knit the anatomy to show you where it hurts instead of reposting that drawing. But I want to show you a diagram this year. And, it would probably be bad for my shoulder.

Have you seen the knitted skeleton by Ben Cuevas? Check it out:

Image Detail

p.s. I think I just killed the spellchecker with “supraspinatus”.


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  1. As much as results often suck, it sure feels good to know what the problem actually is. You can do something when you know what’s wrong. Mr. Lina fell on his shoulder and has a 70% tear on one of his tendons in his shoulder (couldn’t tell you which one). All the swelling caused a nerve to pinch and it took forever to just figure out what the root problem was. Here’s hoping you can find some ways to adapt for knitting and sewing. It’s challenging to relearn a skill.
    That skeleton is wild.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Well, at least you know why there’s so much pain. It sounds awful. I really hope you have great results with PT! Have a great holiday, Sandy!

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