When Does School Start Again?


It’s not that my boy is needing all my attention or driving me crazy. It’s not that I can’t go do the things I want to do. It’s just, well, I guess it’s just me. I crave the routine more than I thought. I like knowing he is safely at school while I do my little habitual activities. Having him home reminds me that I should be pulling out the art projects or taking him to a museum or something more motherly than I am doing. Instead I am allowing him to play video games to his heart’s content, days on end. He is 17, after all. It’s his life. Meanwhile I am reading my blog subscriptions, wasting time on Facebook, working Ken-Ken puzzles, and reading Off the Wall: Death in Yosemite. Really.

I bought this book for Husband for Christmas. It explains all the known deaths to ever take place in Yosemite National Park. While visiting the Grand Canyon a few years ago, I found its predecessor Death in the Canyon in one of the gift shops. I was able to secret it away during all of vacation and give it to him months later as a gift. He loves that kind of thing. When I first moved in with him I saw a book in his bookcase about the airplane that crashed in the Andes and the survivors had to eat each other to stay alive. Shudder.

It’s horrifying, really. I don’t know what is compelling about it, but I cannot put the book down. There is a smugness in thinking, “I will never be rappelling of El Capitan, so I will never have to face these horrors.” However, the most common way to die in Yosemite is from a car accident. Same as in my regular, non-extreme sports life.

Even if this book wasn’t so interesting, I would probably just find another way to fritter away my day. I know that if I try to do something like draft a jeans pattern, that will be the time my son decides he “needs” me. I’ll be all hunkered down in my studio and he will call for help with his game, or he will want a snack, or he will be bored and want company. And that would make me all impatient and pissy, which I would rather not have happen. I suppose I should just allow myself to be on break too. Life is full enough of physical therapy, doctor’s appointments, meetings, etc. There will be time enough after school resumes to get out of my pj’s and into some fabulous me-made clothes!


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  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break. I know sometimes I need a kick in the tail out of a break, but seriously, it’s time well spent. I was like you yesterday, read a JD Robb book, Imitation in Death (good, not the best of that series). The whole thing. You’ll feel more energized when you relax.
    And you are right, he’s 17. What else do 17 year olds do? Ifn’ it makes you feel better, my not so 17 year old husband spent all of yesterday playing one game or another. 😉

  2. Just came across your beautiful blog via Stitch and Witter… It’s always so lovely to find new blogs for added inspirational reading! My son is quite a lot littler than yours, but I’m also feeling the holiday entertainment pressure/personal project anticipation, especially after such a long and busy Christmas. I’ve found comfort in writing list after list of all the things to get on with once he’s back at school…!

    • Thank you for visiting! I am eager to get started on my projects. My list is only in my head at this point, but at least I made some progress… I cleaned up all the wrapping paper and bows and boxes out of my studio yesterday. Baby steps.

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