Proper Dahlia Photos


What a delightfully sunny day today! I was able to take some good photos of my Dahlia, so here you go.

The back medallion gets sewn at the top, across the shoulders, and underneath. It could use a re-block, I see.

The sleeve detail is lovely. I had to twist the sleeve to my wrist in order to flatten the image out for the photo, but normally it sits on the outside of my arm.

If you make this project, mind the sleeve pick-up row, to make sure you don’t get holes at the shoulder. I am a little nervous this area will wear out first, as it will take a lot of stress from activity and just the weight of the sleeve hanging on that one loop.

Today I tucked the front corner into the neck and pinned it shut with a shawl pin. A person could also let the front edges hang, or pin the fronts in a different way.

Despite the sun, it is still only 44 degrees. Brrr.

I love this sweater. I love the color, I love the yarn. It is Sunday Knits Eden, in “Curry”. I love the pattern, Dahlia. It was fun to make, the instructions were clear, the pattern was well thought out.

I must go, my dears. It’s Knit and Crochet Meetup Day, and I need to go show off. Scurrying off now to find a next project….


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