How Do You Spell Gingko? Ginkgo?


Good Lord, that word is confusing for me. And I’m usually a very good speller. Now there’s a compliment right there: “Boy, Sandy, you are so good at putting the letters in the right order when you write words!”

Yes, I can’t remember the name of my close friend’s husband, despite knowing them for 21 years, but I can remember how to spell “accommodate”. Fantastic.

Ok, before we start talking about Ginkgos…You remembered that it is Thursday Think Tank, right? I had fallen off the wagon due to illness and the holiday season. I’m back on the horse. I have given myself a few resolutions, which I normally don’t do.

1. Make a pair of jeans that actually fit me. I did make a muslin. Holycownotworkingforme. Post later.

2. Knit three sweaters. Can the Dahlia really count? Probably not. I am working on choices.

3. Buy and use a piece of exercise equipment. I’ve been working at physical therapy. I mean it. Ow.

I have the rest of the year to work on those things though.

Today I am giddy about Ginkgo. The free knitting pattern. Of course, when I did a quick search to make sure I spelled the damn thing right, Yahoo told me that Ginkgo is used to sharpen memory and concentration. Maybe I should EAT the Ginkgo?

Nahhhh, that’s silly. Look at this though:

Doesn’t it make you smile? I swiped this photo from Maggie’s blog.

I am making mine in Studio June Bamboo La La yarn, in “Happy Tangerine”. It is SO happy. So happy I’m not sure I can wear it in public. But I love it.  Check out the selection of other yarns at the etsy shop. She has amazing yarn.

Maggie gives directions to make this a “shoulderette shawl” and advises how to add repeats for a larger shawl. I don’t so much care about the size, but I can’t bear to not finish the ball of yarn. Pattern calls for 330 yards and I have 430, so you know I am doing the extra 30 rows/extra repeats. What else am I gonna do with 100 yards of bright orange fingering weight yarn?

Photos coming soon. This baby is mostly stockinette, so I mean, really soon.

p.s. Upon doing the spell check before posting this, I saw that I spelled Ginkgo wrong three times, despite specifically looking it up for the correct spelling.


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  1. Spelling was never my strong point. Around Grade 12 I bought a word processor. It is sad to describe but the key feature was that it beeped when i spelled something wrong. I learned to spell pretty quickly (and built up the dictionary with Canadian ou’s like colour etc) to make that beeping stop.

    Why wouldn’t Dahlia count? Was it done in December or January? Although it seems like 3 is attainable from the number of finished items I’ve seen you do this fall.

  2. Gorgeous pattern! It is going on MY “to make” list. I have always prided myself on my spelling and vocabulary abilities. Ask me to subtract, though, and it’s a different story;)

  3. Sandy! I was so worried about you…but as I’ve been extremely sick and distracted lately I figured you might be just as busy. Looks like I was right! Glad to have you back for TTT and I am loving this Ginkgo. Can’t wait to see your version…I wish I was that adept at knitting!

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