Think Pink


Today for Thursday Think Tank, I am going to be all over the board. How is that different from usual, you are thinking. Ok, you have me there.

To follow up from last week, here is some progress.

1. Make jeans. Ugh. This project got me exactly nowhere. I started with McCall’s 5142. It is possible probable I am the only sewist on Earth who does not belong to Pattern Review. However, the little bits I could extract without a membership, and blog reviews all sounded promising.

Before I even cut the muslin, I measured the pair of jeans I was wearing across the front of the thigh, seam to seam. Then I measured the pattern in size 16, which by all rights should be my size. The front pattern piece had 5″ extra, not including seam allowances. I can only assume the back also had 5″, meaning the thigh would have 10″ of extra fabric flapping around. Egads. I went ahead and cut the muslin just for kicks, and cannot even post results here.

I’ll have to ponder what I want to do about continuing with this goal. I am not super excited to sew jeans. I think I can probably sew a dart in the top of my RTW jeans and call it a day. Check back with me later.

2. Knit 3 sweaters. Ok, I guess I should have aimed for 3 shawls, because I have already completed 2! You saw my Ginkgo. Here is my Milo, all blocked and drying.

I used Knit One Crochet Too Ty Dy sock yarn. At first I really, really did not like the color. I was really expecting shades of PINK from how the ball of yarn looked when I bought it. It just kept reading as ORANGE to me. Not that orange is bad, but you did read my Ginkgo post, right? How many orange triangle shawls do I need? And the orange was kind of rusty and garish, especially next to the lovely PINKs. Eek. But I persevered, and I have to say, I do love it. Love, love it.

3. What was the third thing I was going to do? (I had to actually go check my own blog post. What does that say about the importance of this goal in my life?) Ah yes, the exercise equipment. It’s not craft-related and all, which is why I could not think of it. I did try out the elliptical machines at physical therapy and I think I can manage this. Have you seen how much these cost though? Phewwwwww. Anyway, maybe I just get a membership to the Y and use theirs? Still thinking.

Here is what I am up to today: The It’s Not a Drop Scarf/Shawl. The photo is scooped from Arlene’s World of Lace.

Not a Drop

This is rectangular, unlike the other shawls I have been knitting lately. I started out with the loveliest green yarn, but the stitch pattern completely disappears.

I need to start over with something less variegated. I’m thinking Studio June again. I have this beautiful yellow. It’s Super Cash Sock Yarn (80% merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon) in the color “A Drop of Golden Sun” and it is amazing. Soft, luscious, a perfect color of yellow.

Are you having a fun day? Well, get to it!


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  1. Again, it’s such a pretty shawl. Blocking really shows the pattern and I do love the colour. Do you find you wear shawls a lot? Maybe it would be a good goal to have more shawls than sweaters.

    Pants still scare me. You are a brave woman attempting jeans. If you aren’t excited about it, then I wouldn’t force it. The interest to do it yourself might return. I’m sure one day I’ll get annoyed enough with the pants I have to try doing it myself, I’m getting close. I am not a shirt tucker, but, a lot of my pants flat out can’t be tucked in because I need to hide the fact they don’t fit well, so I can’t do much worse without making them two sizes too small.

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