Lace Crazy


I just can’t seem to get enough lace knitting lately. I finished the Larch, which is waiting its turn to be blocked. I knitted until I had 60 stitches per side, instead of the recommended 96 before starting the lace section. I wanted the lace to start sooner, and I didn’t have as much yarn as I thought I needed to do it exactly as the pattern calls for. I did 2 full repeats of the lace pattern, as required, and I did 8 additional rows, so I think I ended up with…doing math…brain working…114 stitches per triangle half (not counting the 2 edge stitches or the spine). I will add final dimensions after blocking.

The pattern was well written and made it very easy for me to choose when to start the lace and when to stop. I ended up with about 2 extra yards of yarn. Perfect!

I love the sewn bind-off. It was easy and gave a nice finish.

Off I go to find the next victim orphaned skein.


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