I’m Motivated


My sewing lust is back! Finally. I think it came back because I finally have a better idea of why the clothes I made weren’t fitting. I also have a better idea of what styles work for my body, based on a trip into Ready-to-Wear Land. I also finally got jazzed about fabrics. My local shops just were not exciting me. I took my first voyage into online fabric shopping, and was very happy with what I found. I have an order on its way and will report back.

Hello? Is anybody in there?

I have to admit, part of my newfound mojo has to do with my obsession of reading about bra fitting. I read about a clothing company that caters to women who have a disproportionately large bust in comparison to their waist: Biu Biu. You don’t have to have an enormous bust to benefit from this company; just a large difference between bust and waist measurements.

To read a review of Biu Biu, see Thin and Curvy’s post. My experience was also fabulous. I ordered five things, and EVERYTHING fit me. I was flabbergasted. Overjoyed, really. And the prices were great. I saw other sites that cater to the same target market with blouses starting at $120. Everything I bought was about $30 each. Even factoring in priority shipping*, I was very pleased with the prices.

I searched Vogue Patterns to find patterns similar to those styles I bought from Biu Biu, and I’m suddenly swimming in ideas!

More details to follow.

*Biu Biu is a Polish company, but fear not. They have an English translation and do ship to the USA.

Here is their sizing chart:
Bust (cm) Waist
62-66 67-71 72-76 77-81 82-86 87-91 92-96 97-101
81-85 34b
86-90 34bb 36b
91-95 34bbb 36bb 38b
96-100 36bbb 38bb 40b
101-105 38bbb 40bb 42b
106-110 40bbb 42bb 44b
111-115 42bbb 44bb 46b
116-120 44bbb 46bb 48b
121-125 46bbb 48bb

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  1. It was truly enlightening when I found out what a full bust adjustment was. So much of my sewing has been learned watching my mom sew non-clothing, and even when she was sewing for herself, a FBA was not necessary. It really makes a difference to figure out what’s going wrong. I’m looking forward to hearing about all those ideas you have!

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