Passing the Time


I wish I were passing the time doing something fun, but all I have been passing the last few days is kidney stones. Ouch. First time for everything. It’s like a meteor shower. I wish I could just pass a boulder and be done with it. The painkillers are lovely though.

So my fashion show and review of Biu Biu will have to wait until I feel better.

In the meantime, I am working on Burda 7798 view B.

You can see by the photo I took this summer, I first intended to use my fabric to a different pattern. However, my muslin was a mess, and I realized that this style is probably never going to look good on me. Onward!

Right fabric, wrong pattern.

I have never made anything the way I am making this: piecemeal. I am cutting out the pieces as I sew them. Crazy, I know. The fabric is slippery, I have little bursts of energy, I’m winging it on the fit, and I’d rather have one accurately cut and sewn section at a time. I have finished one sleeve, sewn the darts on front and back, and basted the front to the back. I have not added the skirt/lower portion of the shirt yet. So far, so good.

Instead of doing a Full Bust Adjustment, I cut the size 16 front and sewed the darts about 1/4 deeper. This pulled the neck area to about the right spot. I should have added a little length to the bodice, so I hope the empire seam does not ride on my breasts. I will cut the skirt next and see for sure!


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  1. I hope you feel better soon! Your sewing projects are very inspiring, but I think garment construction is not for me. However, I just purchased outdoor canvas yesterday to make a new canopy for my son’s sandbox. The old one is so faded and gross. I’m hoping a large rectangle, a few flaps and four grommets doesn’t trip me up too much! Feel better and don’t get hooked on pain killers. 😉

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