Mail Call!


When the doorbell rang at 10:30 this morning, I just knew it was going to be the letter carrier with a package for me. I can’t believe I withstood 13 entire minutes of finishing up my chores before I ripped into my box.

Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh. I am so excited!

I’m sure this never happens to you: I had forgotten what I ordered, so I had that kid-at-Christmas joy when I finally got that baby ripped open. In fact, I have never ordered fabric online before (no, it’s true), so I had an extra thrill, it being my first time. Pretty sure there are going to be more times.

First, a few details. I ordered 12 items from for a total of $131 plus $16 (ouch) shipping. Let’s pretend I actually get around to making all 12 pieces up into actual garments. Splitting up the shipping per item, the t-shirts are going to be about $7.50 each, blouses $8-11, and dresses $22. That seems like pretty good value. I already have several patterns, but yes, I will also have some thread, pattern and notion expenditures. Still, I am pleased with the prices.

The fabric, on first glance, is all soft, drapey, and as nice as I could have hoped for.

Shall we take a look? All photos below are from I tried to make it easy for you to link up, just in case you are in the mood to buy!

Heather Grass Green Sweater Knit (10094)

Initial thoughts: McCall’s 6084, swingy sweater jacket; or a sewn cropped cardigan with ruffles along the neckline. I’ll have to make something up.

Brown/Tan Flocked Gauze (11548) Not linked because it is sold out anyway. Sorry.

This one is a little weird, because the print is rubbery. It said so in the description, so I knew what I was getting into. I’m not disappointed.

Taupe/Black Floral Lawn (12468)

Original thoughts: Colette Chantilly. Mmmmmm. It feels a little crisp for the pattern, so I’ll have to check after prewashing. I have other dress patterns to make up, just in case. I’m thinking shirtdress.

ITY Green Mottled Jersey Knit (12782)

ITY Steel Grey Print Jersey (12802)

Original thoughts: Ok, to be honest, I had to take a trip to my local fabric store to figure out the difference between some of the knits (interlock, ITY, rayon jersey, ponte, etc.) I am not in love with ITY. It feels like old-fashioned polyester, like the kind we wore in the 70s, except softer and drapier. I bought it anyway because I love the colors, and I think these would make good “fancy” t-shirt like Butterick 5495. Time will tell whether I buy any more ITY.

White/Yellow T-Shirt Jersey Knit (12845)

Original thoughts: Jalie 2794 (I do not own this pattern…yet.) This one is 100% cotton. It’s pretty thin, so I worry about its use as a t-shirt.

White/Red Floral Lawn (13200)

Original thoughts: Colette Chantilly, all the way. I may need to line the top, but I have a little batiste lying around. LOVE this fabric.

Golden Yellow/Brown Floral Lawn (1625)

Original thoughts: A glorified camp shirt for summer. This one looks a little like a bed sheet, I have to be honest. It’s very soft, and I like the colors. Again, I’m not disappointed.

Orange Stripe Seersucker Shirting (3477) Sold out, sorry.

Original thoughts: Shirt dress. I love orange. This is perfect. I tried on an adorable dress at Target but the fabric was too thin, the color was wrong, and it didn’t fit well. I’m picturing that. I wish I could show you a literal picture, but alas, there is no picture of it on their webstie. I had to look through 439 dresses to make sure. Just sayin’.

Butter Yellow Gauze (7229)

Original thoughts: Loose-fitting summer blouse. Maybe Butterick 5612.

Brown & Tan Stripe Jersey Knit (9149)

Original thoughts: Some kind of t-shirt, maybe a Jalie top, or one of the empire waist tees I listed in previous posts. I don’t have a pattern yet and need to buy one.

 Chartruese Lawn (9233)

Original thoughts: Some kind of summer blouse. I have several patterns floating around but they are out of print so I’m having a hard time linking you up.

And there you have it! I am so excited. I told you I was motivated to sew again. Now I just need to get cracking before the thrill wears off.


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      • I haven’t ordered fabric through the mail yet, though that’s mostly because I only just got a credit card. Most of the time I buy it at local stores. But oh, I can bet that’s going to change!

      • I have my eye (a shopping cart full, actually) on some things at where shipping is free for orders over $35. I swear a solemn oath to not buy until I finish half the things I just bought. Although my birthday is approaching…

  1. I don’t purchase on line all that often, usually it’s when my parents are in Florida so the shipping is cheaper. So on top of the time between placing the order and it arriving, there is time for them to come home. It really is like Christmas where I do remember the reason I placed the order, but not always the other fabrics that find their way into the box. I still prefer going to the store because touching the fabric is so much of the experience, and I am also like you, a little fuzzy on the difference between ponte ITY etc. Some online fabric I’ve purchased just because they list it as such and I want to know what the heck it is. Like that modal that followed my parents home from Florida this year.

    I love all your choices, the colours all suit you well. It will be great to see what they become.

    • Shipping is a bear, isn’t it? As I have turned more to international markets in this online world, I go straight to the shipping section to see if it will even be worth it for me to buy. I just can’t justify spending $35 on shipping from Denmark for 2 items, for example. Having people bring back packages is brilliant. Thanks for your compliments… I hope I can do the fabrics justice!

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