Reveal Backlog


What a fabulous day! It’s so sunny and warm, it makes me very happy! I enlisted my reluctant child to take some photos of my knitted creations since the light was good.

Look at those colors!

I know I am long overdue. May I present Milo.

Child needs to concentrate on getting the whole project in the frame.

And Larch.

Child needs to take one step closer. Maybe he thought I would pinch him if he got too close.

Bitterroot as well.

Child, child... it's a good thing he is cute.

Bitterroot again.

At least we got the whole scarf in the photo.

And finally, It’s Not a Drop.

Not bad, kid!

Here is an extra shot of Ginkgo, even though you may have seen it already. What the heck, right? I was outside with an armful of scarves after all.

I think I should mark a line where I want my photographer to stand. And center my scarf on my back.

Did I mention it is 75 degrees out? Ok, that is all the fun with photography we can stand for one day. I love reveal day!


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