Two Steps Forward, One Step Back


You’ve never experienced that, right? Ha ha ha ha ha. Just kidding.

Just when I got my sewing and blogging mojo back, I suffered a few personal setbacks including serious medical problems and the deaths of two loved ones. It’s been a helluva year. Onward…

Ok, so some housekeeping.

First, boobs.

Sewing pattern CUPL16 for E F G big cups Bra & Bustier

  • I bought a pattern from Merckwaerdigh on Etsy to sew my own bra. Artwork image above is from Merck’s pattern that can be found here. I wrote her with my measurements, she gave me her suggestion, and I ordered that size and style. I traced off the pattern and made a practice cup as soon as it arrived. Without the benefit of making the actual band or adding the underwire, I will say that cup fits damn good. I will post pics and notes when I get brave enough to make a real bra.
  • I’m still planning a Biu Biu review for the woman with a bigger-than-average bust. Every time I wear one of the tops, it’s gray out and photos would suck. Every time it’s sunny out, it’s too hot for one of the tops or the laundry is not clean. Egads. Let’s also rule out all the days I didn’t even put a bra on because it hurt my ribcage too much and the days I was on painkillers, because, damn, I was just looped on those things. Isn’t that an interesting story?
  • I have a road trip planned with some friends to go to a real lingerie shop for a real bra-fitting. So excited! We are all over the place in terms of sizing, but most of us have not had good luck at typical department stores with typical sizes — hence the trip to the specialty shop. I hope to convince my friends to let me discuss some measurements here in the interest of helping others in a similar boat. I will report back on our trip.
  •  I have been through multiple, multiple orders from mail order bra companies and tried on multiple sizes and styles of bras, and I think I have a size narrowed down. And I know what cup style does NOT work. I will say, none of the information I have read gets me close to the size I think fits — not the band + 4″ method or the Use-Your-Actual-Ribcage-Measurement works for me. More on that after the road trip.

And now, some sewing news. I finished a sewing project. Wow! Knock me over with a feather. I see this post is getting too long, so I will post about my project tomorrow. Such a tease I am.


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  1. Excited to hear more about your bra making and fitting adventures! With all the underwear talk I’ve been doing, thinking about bras is only natural, but I haven’t made anything other than itty bitty bandeaus yet… 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you’re up to!

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