Unregistered Maker


MMM Day 1

Here’s me, not exactly doing Me-Made May. I love the Me-Made and Self-Stitched challenges. I participated in Self-Stitched September 2011 and learned a lot. I met new virtual friends, found fun new blogs, and got ideas for new makes. I wanted very much to participate this time as well, but I really did not think I would have the energy to do it, seeing as I just had surgery.

I may play along, but since I didn’t register, I don’t have an invitation to the Facebook group, which is where I met so many people last time. I will look forward to seeing all the other participants’ blogs that I already follow. It is very fun! So if you are doing it, go, go go! You can do it! Be creative, be daring, be energized!

I do have a pile of new fabric and a few new patterns I want to try, so I’ll play along when I can.

Today I am wearing my Snakeskin Twist Top for the first time. I love this top and am already planning to make more. Just like a t-shirt in comfort, but looks so fancy! Next time I will probably make the back neck higher. And maybe shorten the length. It seems to hit me at just my widest point.

I'm so classy, standing in front of my garage. Who would suspect it's just a glorified t-shirt?

All right, everyone, have fun out there!



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