Look Ma, No Hands


I fiddled with my self-timer and tripod a little more today. I learned a few things:

1. Choose a spot. Look at what will be behind you when you stand in your chosen spot. Look again through the viewfinder. Make sure the sun isn’t too bright or the shadows too dark. Make sure it’s clear all around you and there isn’t junk to ruin your shot. Conversely, see if there is something to shoot against that will add interest to the shot. Junky=battered garage door; interesting=picket fence gate.

Oriole feeder: interesting or junky?

2. Leave the camera and tripod alone between shots. Don’t keep picking it up and looking at the last shot. Just leave it there, dummy, otherwise you have to keep resetting it and rechecking it. Review it on the tripod if you must. You may need to change the default setting to lengthen the amount of time the shot stays up on your screen so you don’t have to fiddle so much to review it.

Bonus shot because when I was fiddling to review, I tripped the self-timer, so I ran over and jumped in the frame. Eek!

3. Take note of where you stand for each photo. Take the first shot, look at where your feet are, and then go review the photo. If you need to step closer, and I always do, then you know where you started from. You might also need to tilt the camera higher if you keep stepping closer, or your head will get cut off. (See how I am bending my knees in the top photo? Yeah.)

Too far! Take one step closer than you think you should stand.

Better, but still too far away. I am only 4-5 feet from the camera.

After taking more shots outdoors, I decided I really need to pick an easy spot for indoor work. Note the windblown blouse above. I do live in Michigan, after all. Cripes, it might still snow this month.

I have a large wooden pantry in my well-lit, roomy kitchen that makes a pretty good backdrop. There isn’t anything hanging on it, like my fridge, for the love of God. You’ll have to take my word for it. I was able to pull a chair over from the dining room set and wrap the little tripod legs around the top of it. I had to fiddle a little bit to get the camera roughly vertical. If the camera is a little off-kilter outdoors, it seems charming and purposeful. Indoors, it gives me that funhouse feeling, which you may have gathered, makes me feel nauseated not fun.

Quirky off-kilter shot

Vertigo! Hang on, the floor is slanted!

I’m going to keep looking around the house for places where I can perch a camera. In the meantime, enjoy my two-fer photos. I am wearing a Me-Made skirt, blogged about here, and a Biu Biu blouse (their website was down for updates today, arg). I bought the belt yesterday at Target on a whim, and I thought about returning it, but I love it with this outfit.

Happy making, everyone!


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