Man’s Shirt Refashion


I saw this plaid shirt in the Eddie Bauer ad this week. For $69.

3/4-Sleeve Pattern Button-Down Shirt

Jah, what? $69?

I remembered I threw one of my son’s old plaid shirts in the “Do-Something-Interesting-With-This” basket in my sewing room, so I pulled it out and went to work.

I put it on, and pinched out vertical darts in the front and back.

Back darts

Front darts, tapered at pockets and hem.

After first try on, I lengthened the dart to the hem.

Then I pinned out about an inch of fabric all along the sleeve, from the underarm tapering to the cuff.

Finally I pinned up the length about 2 inches, minding where the bottom snap would end up. I ended up cutting off the hem and making a narrow hem.

The sleeves are a little long, but I didn’t want to ruin the cuff and placket. I thought about removing the length at the shoulder, but I didn’t want to destroy the topstitching. Instead, I decided to just leave them as is, and roll the sleeves up like the model. Cuz I’m fancy like that.

Turned out pretty cute, no? For a plaid shirt.

Now I have my eye on a chocolate brown number the Boy never wears.


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