#28 Buttoned Cardi

Bad name, good project. I would call this Wheat Chaff.

That is one crazy cable.

I started this a few days ago with Galway yarn, which is too heavy, stiff, and scratchy, yet I am plowing onward. I don’t really know why except that I was on a long work assignment and had only that project in my bag, so I just kept knitting it. I am a driver, and I get paid to sit and wait while my passenger does her job. It was either knit this, or nap in the car.

The #28 Buttoned Cardi is from the Fall 2009 edition of Knit Simple. I made a lot of modifications to knit it in one piece, remove ease and give it some waist shaping. I may not be thrilled with how it all works out, but then I’m not afraid to frog and start over.

The cable is unlike any I have worked before. On the row below the cable (purl side), you have to slip 2 stitches where the cable is centered. On the right side, you then hold three stitches to the back and then work one of the slipped stitches, then the three held stitches; then you hold the next slipped stitch to the front, knit three, then knit the held stitch. It is one tight little cable, let me tell you. You stack four of those babies for this sweater. One of them is right on the front edge of the sweater, so I’m not sure how that is going to block flat, but we shall see.

Left front, stitch marker for side seam, and part of the back.

I had a goal, way back when, of completing three sweaters this year, not including the Dahlia, which was probably 7/8ths finished when I made my goal. I finished my Miette for the first, though I still need to find it some buttons. #28 Buttoned Cardi will be the second. I’m still contemplating the third. I have several pullovers in my queue, but I find that I prefer cardigans these days because, for the first time in my life, I get too hot. Suddenly. Intensely. I think you can see where I am going with that. I’m 45, after all. I can’t be trying to strip a sweater off over my head before I turn all red, get sweaty, and puke. Buttoned cardis it is! #28, even.


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