My Magenta Miette


I have been playing along with Me-Made-May, behind the scenes. I didn’t take the pledge, but I have been participating. A few days ago I kind of forgot about the event and thought, “Oh shoot, I meant to wear handmade this month” but when I thought back, I realized I had been wearing Me-Made anyway! I guess that says something about the contents of my closet and how often I choose handmade instead of store bought.

This morning I finally got to wear my lovely Miette. It is on the way to 81 degrees outside, so I am no longer wearing a sweater over my t-shirt. But I looked damn good for two hours there, and I got a great compliment, so I’d say Miette is a keeper.

Bust Dart


Note bust shaping

I didn’t work short rows, I just used the pattern instructions for the bust darts. However, I started the shoulders in a size small, then kept increasing under the bust to a larger size. I decreased again for the waist, and increased out again for the high hip. I should have moved some of the hip increases to the back, because the increases I did in that short area between waist and hem made the sides stick out funny. It’s fine if I keep the sweater buttoned, which I guess I will always do!

I love this sweater and took lengthy notes so I can make it again. I plan to use the same basic shaping but change the lace pattern to mix things up a little. Oh, and next time I’ll put the buttons on the correct side.


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  1. Your Miette is great! I am making Miette at the moment, it is my very first knitted garment (not counting baby booties lol), and I’m learning a lot! I’m afraid it might not fit! lol! Yours fits great 🙂

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