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Catching a Cerulean Warbler


Today I got up at the crack of dawn to stalk a threatened species of bird, the Cerulean Warbler. The things we do for love, no? My husband is an avid birder who is a volunteer bird bander through the Kalamazoo Nature Center. As such, he was invited to watch (and assist) a research team in their CW banding project.

By the time we left at 10 am, we had caught one Cerulean Warbler that was already banded (caught first last summer), and we coaxed one new bird into the net. Very exciting.

The bird is a stunner, and just as tiny as can be. Look sharp to see him in some of these photos!

I was afraid he would get away, so I held him close at first.


Male Cerulean Warbler, as docile as can be.


Hard to get good sun while standing in a forest


Beautiful, right?



One More Week


I have to be honest, the Self-Stitched September really dragged for me last week. I am tired of wearing summer blouses and freezing, and I’m tired of all the alternatives: wearing summer tops over a t-shirt, summer blouses under a cardigan, summer blouses with scarves, summer blouses with coats. I get it: I need to make something other than summer blouses!

I thought I would wear some of my knitted garments and accessories, but honestly, the things I have are too bulky and warm for this weather. I did wear this Calorimetry while out birdbanding on Sept. 23, but only for about an hour.

See the unhappy bird?

I’m also dying to wear some of my fun Fall clothes that I haven’t worn in months, but I want to be true to the challenge, so I will wait. Begrudgingly.

Someday I will have a photo of this being worn

I went traveling over the weekend, and I packed light. On September 23, I wore a refashioned peasant top over a long-sleeved tee. The blouse used to have three rows of narrow elastic on the bottom, but I could not stand wearing the blouse that way. Every five minutes the elastic crept up to my waist, exposing my tummy. The elastic section was actually made separately and the entire 2″ piece was attached as a hem on the bottom. I used my trusty seam ripper to just take the bottom elastic section off, and then I sewed a narrow hem. On September 24, I wore the peasant top again, this time without the tee.

Worn Sept. 25, maybe for the last time.

On September 25, I wore a different refashioned blouse over the long-sleeved tee.  The neckline, sleeve hems and bottom hem all had a hemp-like blanket stitch embroidered on the edges. The blouse also had tassels hanging from a faux drawstring at the neckline. After several washings, the tassels were mangled, and the neckline edges were stretched and gaping. I removed the embroidering from edge and cut the tassels off. Although I think the blouse looks good as new now, it no longer fits well, so I may have to purge it anyway. Sad!

BFF socks

Today, September 26, I wore all ready-to-wear except for my socks. I had to make a business presentation and everything I have made is too casual. Also, things really narrowed down when I put on the one pair of dress pants I own. Uh, too tight! So I had to find something that A) matched chocolate brown and B) was work-appropriate enough to gussy up my casual cargo pants. I guess what I wore was good enough, and when I came home I slipped on my handknitted socks. I intended to change, but everything ran late, and I never really felt like changing.

I am also currently wearing a hand-painted apron because I am writing this while waiting for my lemon cookies to bake. However, the paint is almost completely washed out, making the apron pretty darn plain at this point. Also, the cookies are not good. No recipe will be forthcoming.

Instead, here is a better view of the bird we caught at birdbanding.

He's calmer here. But when I take away my hand, he flutters wildly.